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That Gender Equality Bullshit II


That Gender Equality Bullshit II


Pick A Struggle, Biko.


Before I proceed, look at this picture:





Seen? Good.

To provide context, that is one of the promotional posters for X-Men: Apocalypse, one of the worst X Movies I have ever seen.

But that’s not the point.

The big guy is En Sabah Nur aka Apocalypse, the guy hailed as the first mutant. In his hand is Mystique, a female shape-shifting mutant. They are on opposite sides of the war, which is why he would be choking her

That poster raised the ire of some ‘feminists’ and ‘human rights groups’.

Their issue?

It promotes violence against women.

It isn’t a lie, is it? Why would anyone want to promote a movie by having a man wrap his hand around the throat of a woman? Isn’t that what they/we’re fighting for?

It is wrong, right?


But; aren’t we supposed to be fighting for gender equality? Those two up there aren’t friends; neither are they lovers. They are people on opposite sides of a war; and in war there are casualties of both sexes, aren’t there?


Someone should have told those hot-blooded feminists; context is everything.


I mean, if she was given preferential treatment because she’s female, that would be sexism, wouldn’t it? He treats her the same way he would treat her male counterparts, it’s violence against women. It’s like asking that female soldiers be shot with special bullets – just because they’re female.


You see why people like me often find feminism confusing? Pick a struggle, biko.


To read more about the X-Men Apocalypse fiasco, go here and here.


That was just the intro; I said that to say this:

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Dr. Who, that British Time Lord who has thrilled English people (and people worldwide) for decades will be portrayed in its thirteenth incarnation by a female. Of course, a number of reactions trailed the news. I wasn’t bothered however, because I know the history of the character. The Time Lord is supposed to be genderless; it was written into the show to allow for continuity in spite of time and explain the change of actors. In fact, I honestly wonder(ed) why it took so long. It’s been coming since forever.


Around the same time, gist about some ‘Women Liberation Front’ People agitating for a female James Bond surfaced. The first I heard of it, it was because Chris Hemsworth had seen Atomic Blond, that Charlize Theron movie and said she would be an amazing Bond. Honestly, I’m pretty much indifferent to the dude. He’s cute but can’t act for shit. That said, I was disappointed. I mean, I would expect him know better.


I’m sure he was trying to pay her a compliment – but he didn’t think it through. If he had, he would have realized agitating for a female Blond is not a compliment to Charlize, neither is it a fight for equality; it’s appropriating a well-known male figure and forcing him into a female mold.


Now let me ask you; why would you want to do that? Is that you don’t think female characters are strong enough – therefore only by appropriating what has been male for so long is the only way to make women relevant? Don’t you know that by doing stuff like that, you’re actually being sexist?


As an aside; I love Kemi Adetiba to death – but the title of her show/program King Women is something I frown at. I love the show, I’m a fan of several of the women who have been on it – but that title is the summation of everything wrong with that side of the ‘gender equality’ war; women can’t achieve greatness on their own pedestal (Queens Regnant; that is – ask Google), they have to come into the men’s arena (Kings).


Or maybe I don’t understand the thinking behind the title ‘King Women’. I stand corrected.


Remember Lara Croft? How about Salt? How about that great lady, Agatha Christie’s (debatably) greatest creation; Miss Marple? How about Wonder Woman? How about Major Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell? How about Linda Ikeja? Genevieve? Sally Kenneth Dadzie? Tomi Adesina? Ogechi Nwobia? Elsie? Joy Isi Bewaji? Beyonce? Melissa Macarthy? Angelina Jolie? Scar Jo (even though I don’t think much of her acting skills)? Ellen Degeneres? Can’t you be great, successful, fucking wealthy and be utterly, undeniably female? Honestly, this kind of thinking is the bane of gender equality – because whether you know it or not, you’re saying there’s no value in being female; there’s something wrong with being female. Like; once you have a vagina, you’re doomed; and the only way out is to try to be male.


It’s the same thinking that makes people ascribe the success of Wonder Woman to ‘GIRLS ROCK!’ and not an amazing character given an amazing story, played by an amazing actress and shot by an amazing director.


No. It’s only because she’s female and we haven’t seen a female-led movie in forever. Hm.


Just yesterday I read on a friend’s Facebook post that some person said chivalry stemmed from chauvinism and therefore should be eradicated.


Bloody Hell.


SO, there’s something wrong with a man being nice to a woman.


Okay. Fair enough.


Yet, if a man behaves around a woman the same way he does around his male friends, there’s a problem. He’s barbaric; animalistic and male. You understand the confusion yet?


Pick a struggle, biko.


Let’s not go into the double-standard conversation. Let’s not go near the whole it’s-only-rape-when-its-done-by-a-man-to-a-woman gist. Let’s not talk about how it’s flirting when a woman does it, it’s sexual harassment when a man does the exact same thing. Oh, let’s leave out all of that.


Please. I’m just asking for clarity. What does gender equality mean; the equality of a species or the ‘get-out-jail-free-card for women when they are in generally inconvenient situations?


I’m just asking. And from one human to another….


Pick a fucking struggle, BIKO!






Spotlight: The Other Me – A Short Film


3 banner black


So April 2nd was World Autism Day.


I wouldn’t know. I was busy saving the world some other way.


But there are people who care. People like Tomi Adesina, whose production outfit Blue House Films put together a short film project to commemorate that day and people who have autism.

Read the PR for the project below:


The Other Me tells the story of Olamide, an autistic young man as he prepares for the biggest day of his life; a date with the love of his life, Sharon. Due to his condition, what seemingly should be his most exciting day becomes a nightmare.


taiwo banner blue


Written and directed by Tomi Adesina, The Other Me is a compelling short film on Autism which raises awareness on the condition and speaks against discriminating people living with it. It is produced by Tomi Adesina and Michael Tayo Babalola’s BlueHouse Films in association with Omobolaji Opakunbi’s Phalanx Pictures.

The film stars Taiwo Adeboboye and Adebukola Oladipupo, among others.

On World Autism Day, April 2nd, 2016 awareness was raised by various people on Autism. BlueHouse Films and Phalanx Pictures is doing same with this project.

The date for the official release of the short film is yet to be announced.


For sponsorship; please contact: 08139263829 or 08039446273




Join the conversation on Social Media by using all or any of the following media:

Twitter: @bluehousefilms #TheOtherMe #AutismSpeaks

Instagram: @bluehousefilms



Now peep some more material:











Now peep a trailer here.


Don’t Miss This!


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From Tomi Adesina : Her Lines.



Personally, it still amazes me just how much women put into their hair and so on. I think somewhere along the lines someone (maybe a man; after all ‘they’ blame ‘us’ for every little issue) told women that their hair is a crown for their heads – and that it has to look as oyinbo-like as possible. I mean, what do you think inspired Chris Rock’s documentary about the same issue?


Apparently his daughter had come home one day weeping. And when he asked what the problem was; she answered with a question;

“Dad, why do I have bad hair?”

Apparently if your hair isn’t ‘oyinbo’; if it isn’t fried and roasted you have bad hair. Heh.


But this isn’t about Chris and his daughter. No. This about that famous screenwriter Tomi Adesina, who decided to do something for the ladies – and speak about hair and related issues.


Inhale. Hold.


Now read on.


Her Lines (The Docudrama)

Writer: Tomi Adesina

Director: Tomi Adesina

Producers: Michael Tayo Babalola & Tomi Adesina

Cinematographer: Omobolaji Opakunbi

Genre: Docudrama

Media & Distribution: YouTube (Online platform)

Production Company: BlueHouse Films




Her Lines tells a story poetically in visual form which shifts focus from the diversity and versatility of the human hair and advocates for acceptance from within. It abstractly explains perception of the human mind and subtly re-emphasizes the sole essence of self-acceptance.

Written and directed by Screenwriter and popular fiction series blogger, Tomi Adesina of Dear Future Husband, All Fun and Games, Hearts and Homes and currently the popular Legal blog drama Fola King, Her Lines is a docudrama that follows the journey of three ladies in relation to their hair and beauty, a reflection about their identities and self-perception of the world at large. Creative Photographer, Michael-Tayo Babalola co-produced the docudrama with Tomi Adesina.

The hair was styled by Olufunke Williams and Dolapo Morakinyo was the make-up artist on this project.

This docudrama stars Faith Anny, Joy Ugochukwu and Grace Ogedengbe. The docudrama was produced by BlueHouse Films.

Watch the teaser video here:

Her Lines is scheduled for release on September 28, 2015 and would be available for download via BlueHouse Films official YouTube channel: Please subscribe by following the link to direct you to the YouTube channel; then click on subscribe.

Join the conversation on Social Media by using all or any of the following media:

Twitter: @bluehousefilms #HerLines

Instagram: @bluehousefilms



Now exhale.


So – what do you think about our hair? How do you feel about yours? Do share in the comments!


Have a great week.



Spotlight: Tomi Adesina’s Hearts & Homes

Good morning, beautiful people!!!!

It’s so much a pleasure to have a front seat on the literary revolution looming on the horizon – Nigeria’s horizon I mean. It’s honestly so cool to see us take our own fate as far as our love; literature in our own hands. It’s a thrilling something.

Another notch in the cap of said revolution is a novella by one of my ones, Tomi Adesina, a special pessin (you wouldn’t know it by the way she ignores me). She gives us a free ebook – Hearts and Homes to commemorate the disappearance of the Chibok Girls a year ago – on the 14th of April 2014. It’s been a year since the disappearance of the Chibok Girls – and many of our questions still remain unanswered. Tomi seeks to remind us, in few but tasteful words to not forget.

I dare us to.

Peep the cover art – and then read more and download below:


Hearts and Homes (The Novella)

Author: Tomi Adesina
Cover design/Layout: Ellipzes
Edited by: Olufisayo Ashaye
Country: Nigeria
Language: English
Genre: Fiction (Reality-Based)
Release date: April 14, 2015
Media type: e-copy

Synopsis: Set during the time of the raging insurgency in the North-East of Nigeria, Hearts and Homes tells the story of a Soldier who has to leave his family behind in the quest for finding the girls that had been kidnapped by the dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram.

I tell you, you really don’t want to miss this baby. Tomi wrote the popular blog series “Dear Future Husband” and other hit blog series including “Beautiful Stranger”, “Clandestine”, “Two weeks to go” and lots more which could be found on her blog at
Tomi, who is also a screenwriter, has TV projects to her credit including DEADLINE (an investigative drama series), BROADWAY (the revitalized edition of the Ghanaian family soap) and BEDLAM (Nollywood Movie)”

Need anymore?