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My Little Girl Goes To The Movies.


Every chance I have, I try to spend with my little gremlin, who colors my life better than any combination of colors. So whenever she’s around, I take her to the movies, and of course we have conversations afterwards.


Here are a few of her thoughts on some of the movies this year:


Spiderman: Homecoming – ‘I really enjoyed the film. It’s nice…I understand the boy! I don’t get all your complaints…mommy was right! You’re old!’

Me: ‘Your mother thinks I’m old?’

Her: ‘Well, she said ‘your father is the cutest old man I know’.

Me: ‘Well. Banana fall on her!’

Of course, I didn’t say that out loud.

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2: ‘If I was that one (Drax) I wouldn’t go around calling people ugly. Look at his mouth!’

Me: ‘Didn’t I say not to insult people?’

Her: ‘He started it!’

Me: ‘But he wasn’t talking to you…’

Her: ‘Didn’t you also say to fight for people who can’t fight for themselves?’

Me: *facepalm*

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Wonder Woman: ‘I like it. It was nice…but I like Hidden Figures better.’

Me: ‘Why?’

Her: ‘Not all of us can jump around and fight like that, but all of us can think and change the world.’

Me: ‘That is the idea…to make people understand that you have choices. Some of us fight for others, some of us improve the world – as long as we’ll all doing something or the other.’

Her: ‘That’s true. (pause) We all have choices, abi? My choice is Hidden Figures sha.’

Me: *facepalm*

Review Coming Soon.




Logan: ‘Why are you crying, Daddy?’

Me: ‘Well…I wasn’t – (she frowns) well…it makes me miss you.’

Her: Silence

After the movie

Her: ‘Daddy, if I leave mommy and come and live with you, will that make you stop crying?’

Me: *cries some more*

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Of course, none of that happened. I don’t really have a daughter.

Hehehehehe! Have a great week!



Another ‘Why’ Marvel Will Keep Killing DC At The Box Office






Have you seen the new Spiderman trailer?


You need to have – if you want to fully appreciate my point. However, you will get it nonetheless, so we can continue on.


When I look at – when I compare movies from the two greatest comic companies on Earth, I cannot help but feel that one pretty much knows what she’s doing, the other seems to be making it up as she goes.


If you have been watching the same movies I have been watching the past two years – or even if it’s just for 2016, you should know which is which. However, I would not want to take us back through the entire movie reel – which is why I asked if you’ve seen the latest trailer for Spiderman: Homecoming.


In the latest Spiderman, the bad is Vulture. For those of you who don’t read comics, Vulture is actually one of the webhead’s earliest enemies. He has been several people but the first Vulture, which of course is the one appearing in the movie, is Adrian Toomes. He will be potrayed by Michael Keaton, the lucky bastard who brought Batman to the big screen, playing Bruce Wayne/Batman in two movies; Batman and Batman Returns.


But I digress.


So far, I have seen six Spiderman movies.




There was one done in the eighties; Peter was an adult, there was no Mary Jane, the girl here was a ditzy redhead named Julie Tyler and the bad guy was a hypnotist whose name I do not recall now. And then, we had the critically-acclaimed Tobey Maguire run; with the bad in the first one being Green Goblin, the second being Dr. Octopus, and the third bad guys were Hobgoblin and Sandman and Venom.


And then, there are the Andrew Garfield ones; The Amazing Spiderman I with the bad guy being Lizard Man, and the second one with the bad guy being Electro. They introduced Rhino and Green Goblin – but that line of Spiderman movies were scrapped so as to integrate Spiderman into the Marvel Extended Universe which explains the Civil War appearance, and why you will be seeing a lot of Stark (still Robert Downey Jr.) in Homecoming.

But where am I going with this?






The way DC presents their characters – at least as far as the movies go – you would think they only had a number of characters to play with. Considering the fact that The Joker is the most popular of Batman’s enemies; he has been in every retooling of Batman since the 60’s wham bam TV show, I am sure I speak for several millions when I say; I am tired of seeing Joker. Before we even get to the bad guys sef, let’s talk about the heroes themselves. Batman and Superman look like the only heroes DC have. As much as I find the Arrow TV show boring, kudos to them for giving that guy a chance.


But I am tired of seeing the same guys over and over.


You wouldn’t believe how impressive a character roster DC has. Have you heard of a guy named Lobo?





Well, before he played Hellboy to critical acclaim, Ron Perlman had been billed to bring the big white guy to the big screen. Thanks to Arrow again for making Deathstroke (who Deadpool was ripped off from) famous, kudos to Affleck for choosing him to be the bad guy in the forthcoming Batman movie. But then, how about the Teen Titans?


How about Hawk and Dove? How about The Question, Guy Gardner, Fire & Ice, Bizzaro, Captain Marvel, Darkseid, Orion, Lightray, Martian Manhunter, Mr. Miracle – and so on?


Don’t even get me started on the villains.


DC keeps showing us the same characters over and over, and no matter whether it’s the fanboys or general public, sooner than later we will get tired of them. As much as I love Batman (and I do, make no mistake), I’m about getting to that point where I just don’t want to see him so much again. I mean, give me a break from Bats!


Marvel is utilizing their roster quite well, with the way Black Panther, a mostly unknown character was introduced in Civil War and embraced by the audience, you can be sure a notable box office showing is sure for the guy’s solo movie. I mean, imagine Deadpool na, grossing $750 million on a $50 million budget. What could be more impressive?





Kudos to DC for greenlighting Suicide Squad – a quite unknown team, and they didn’t do too badly. But I really didn’t see why The Joker is in that movie, and as far as Jared Leto’s performance…


More on that later.


I would just really love to see DC expand their roster. Give us fresh heroes, stop playing safe with sure box office darlings; specifically Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Let us see more diversity, and broaden the field. They can definitely be making way more money than they are right now.


What’s movies with a little risk?



As an aside; why the frack is Mary Jane black? THAT; makes no sense to me. NONE.


Like a friend of mine says, “What self-respecting Black woman names her daughter Mary Jane?!”


Is there a particular significance of her being black to the overall nature of the movie? Is it going to affect her character arc somehow? If not, if it’s for no other reason than political correctness (kinda like Perry White in DC movies), it’s bullshit.


Yeah I said it.



God bless and good night.