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Twitter’s The New Diary

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”

Who tell you? What about what happens in Peckers?

You think there’s a difference?

Oh! Think different!

You’d be surprised! Old shit smells recent!

I act decent

But my thoughts are disgusting


50 colours of one shade can’t paint the full picture

There’s a war for my mind

Who will be the victor?

Victor? Hugo?

Shade? Who knows?

Killed and murdered innocents

Buried the corpses, covered the doors

Forgot the windows

Slept with the office secretary

Made her a widow

Walked away, didn’t console her

Smoked a pound of indo

Bricked up my closet

That didn’t still the skeletons

Didn’t think someone would come

To steal the skeletons

Now my bullshit is in the open;

And it’s a truth so bitter,

Guess what happens in Vegas stays on Twitter