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Loose Lines #1

Set your soul on fire,

Or let me.


We tell a tale across the skies.
Or maybe.

I can just lay across your thighs.

And accept,

My life is in two chapters;

Before and After You.


Blame Game


A hooker gets a call from her boy; “Hey lover,”

A man is thinking of cheating; he’s married to a banker

That’s the next thing, right? He’s had enough of anger,

Making a rope out of his own sins to hang her

Pushed my girl so far if she cheats, it won’t be cheating;

My neighbor loves his wife, but can’t stop the beating

Casualties of war; who’s to stop us bleeding?

Didn’t you buy the goat? Why complain about the bleating?

He just wants to get married man, fuck waiting,

All of his age-mates have done it na; haba wetin?!

Met a simple girl who just wanted the same thing;

Look at them now, omo love is a strange thing!

That’s how I cornered Moji, at the area block party,

Dancing, bumping grinding, I swear, that girl nasty,

I’m all well-meaning, so I followed her home,

In my last moments, I’m still thinking she likes me!

Bolarinwa is cheating on his wife with his daughter,

No need to hide; his wife is doing the pastor,

Someone will soon say the devil is doing the pastor

I guess Lucifer teaches doggystyle; Pastor, ride on!

My sins; I’m paraphrasing, my life; I choose to write on,

Deep like a forest path, walking with snakes and pythons,

No one to trust – it’s my fault? Okay! Right on!

Cast the first stone if you will – just choose the right one


Twenty Two Twos/Toos/Tos Part II


Something crazy this way comes.


I couldn’t make up my mind whether to post a review of Dawn of Justice – or post something that missed my This Ain’t Poetry release.


Guess what?


This aint poetry 001


In case you missed it; download This Ain’t Poetry here!

But I Love You – Stories That Touch

But I Love You

I know that doesn’t change anything

Doesn’t change the bullshit I did

Doesn’t erase the crap I put you through

But I love you; I do

Even my Twitter knows

I don’t know if you notice,

But I’m not on Twitter much

And when I am,

everything stops

I try to flirt with some of the other girls

Like magic; your handle pops up

I can’t go on

I just log out

Sometimes I want to scream and shout

The memories are stalking me, I’m asking how

Can I just delete that last thoughtless tweet?

But I love you; I do

Even my Facebook knows

Now, Facebook I do more of;

Because I’m with people I know much of

So we banter, argue, talk, discuss

And as it is with Twitter your face comes up

Doesn’t help that we share plenty friends

Not to mention how they keep tagging us with their pens

Their poems, stories and stuff like that

A couple even add us to groups; my bad!

But wait – should I have unfriended you

Acted like you’re some stranger I never knew?

Gone around my business like nothing happened?

Make you disappear in the haze of some spliff?

Make it look like it was my choice we split?

Vodka to the brim; several stiff drinks

Plus several lips can’t erase the memory of one kiss

And I love you; I do

Even my Smartphone knows

Like the way you hypnotized my friends and family

Even my phone treats me like I’m the enemy

It saved all your texts in a backed-up back up memory

It did that before I could delete any

When I call a girl; the network stops

I blamed MTN; I thought my credit was bust

Then I realized; female calls don’t come thru

The only one I can call is you

I don’t see texts from other girls

Innocent or not, bloody phone doesn’t care!

But how can I explain the choice you made?

To leave me – to leave us; a chorus with no refrain?

Still I love you. I do

Even YouTube knows

Saw a video of you at some seminar

Even better than that; you were the guest speaker!

So I watched, watched and watched again

Like I’m enjoying the pain of feeling crushed; again

But the thing is –

The thing is, since then I cannot use YouTube

On ANY system; from Lagos to Accra too;

When I open the page; this is kinda freaky

That  video comes up; believe me

I’m watching something else; it’s in the corner waiting

And because of your face I cannot resist clicking

Coincidence I thought; science can explain everything

Till the same thing happened on a friend’s Smartphone in Britain


I do love you; I do

Everyone knows.

The thing is; do you?

Click on Image To Download This Ain’t Poetry


New Project Alert: In Case You Missed It.



So far I’ve released two ‘singles’ from the forthcoming ‘lyric’ compilation This Ain’t Poetry.

In case you missed them, here they are again:


Below is the first – a sample stanza from the verse  Ballad of a Yoruba Demon;



I apologize if you have issues reading.


And here is the second; I Dream Of Hue…




I was in love when I wrote that one.




Anyways – This Ain’t Poetry will be dropping on the 22nd of March 2016 – a day after the International World Poetry Day.




You decide.


Thank you for dropping by – make it a date on the 22nd!


God bless you.

New Project Alert: This Ain’t Poetry


I just really want to appreciate everyone riding with me; from day one or from a few minutes ago. I’m really blessed doing what I love to do for a living, and if not for God and you guys, nothing for me o.



So this is my next project; my first collection of verses curiously titled ‘This Ain’t Poetry’. It’s a labor of love; another thing I enjoy writing is ‘lyric’ but I don’t do it the way it usually is done – hence the title.

Is that a plus or minus?

You decide.


Here is the cover for the project – it will be released on the 22nd of March 2016; the day after The World Poetry Day.


I know right? Do share and anticipate!





Can I show you life; As I see it?

The world thru my eyes; In a minute?

Can I love you once more? I mean it…


I really mean it.