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Things change. Things are different now.

They are not what they used to be

Between you and me

At best, I’m the lingering aftertaste of sour milk

At best, you’re something to scratch – an itch

Wish we could go back? Too late. I’m hitched

Wish we could go back. To that, at least.

At ease.

No. I really don’t wish.

It’s a waste of time – time I have not to give

To I open my journal, let my pen shed tears

Because my eyes are stingy; no water with which to grieve

That’s why I don’t do closed doors – my life is out there

In here? It’s too cold and warm

Perfected the art. I already have.

Now I can’t wait for us to take it back to the start.

When we were strangers.

photo courtesy the recording evolution



The bitter taste of defeat;
Sourness of an orange too sweet,
Kisses of life from poisoned lips,
Sigh. It’s not always like this.

Yet; that’s all I know now
It’ll change; the word will show how,
Trade my cross for a fly gown
And smile; I’ll always be at peace.

I won’t know peace till I’ve said my piece,
You want peace of mind? Here’s a piece of mine!


Two peas in a pod
My heart and head were
Then one broke in pieces
And the other was shorn

No time to mourn!
No time for peace lost
Had to find the pieces
Under tons of shit and smelly ghetto pisses

One split in two like fingers in a peace sign
One shattered; many a piece left to find
Scoured left and right, low ridge and high
Nothing but vultures squawking nigh.

‘Vultures squawking nigh’?!
That’s because they’re high!
Full off pieces of my ____ they picked clean
Now that’s gone. No more peace in my pod.


Keep On


Going through the motions,

Shocked awake – rude emotions

Bitter aftertaste

A kiss so great

Quantities measured – memories treasured

Trust fragile; completely fractured

From duct to ticker tape to surgery scars

Picking shards of what was once a heart;

Laid waste.

Keep On.

Love. Period.



Hey love; hey heart.




It’s been a while

I know; it has been a while

These days I have so little to do with your smiles

Plenty noise outside; can we stay inside?

Don’t be afraid; nothing’s changed

It’s just been a while.




Could you sit over there; let me fix you a drink

I like the way your eyes soften every time you blink

Here’s your drink; do you like how I rub your feet?

Just relax, stay a while; what do you think?





I want to ask questions

Questions to clear my impressions

Clarification to guide my reflections

Reflections to learn from;

Learn from and give you, perfection





I’ve been distracted lately; that’s no lie

Been busy too – so much on my mind

But you’re the best distraction, occupying much space

Between my eyes, my chest – yeah all that you take





“Why do I matter so much?” you ask,





Why do you matter so much? Jamb kweshun!

We never had much time from the start

But how long does it take to light a spark?

To recognize beauty? You’re the muse to my art!




I remember;




My first sight of you; smiling from ear to ear

The smell of the air around you; sunlight in your hair

Look; will you come over here or should I come down there?

Oh! I so love having you near




I love you. Period.




What; you didn’t know?

I believe in actions; words are too lazy a show

But I am speaking now; so listen close

To the first in a series; your weekly dose





I love you here, I love you there

I love you far, I love you near

I love you drunk, love you sober

Love you under, still love you over





Love you in Zaria, love you in Kaduna

Love you in Jos, Sokoto and Abuja,

Love you in Lagos; the centre of everything

I love you my joy, my heart, my peace





I love you from Benin – all the way to Warri,

I love you in Anambra, Port-Harcourt, Calabar

Down to Cross Rivers, I’ll cross rivers all across rivers

Love you so close the warmth will make you shiver




I love you in Kenya, in South Africa

Love you in Ghana, Dubai, Madagascar

Love you in the UK, the South of France,

Yeah, from the top of the Eiffel Tower I’ll declare my stance




Love you from Chicago all the way to Houston,

Love you always like the early days of Bobby and Whitney Houston

Love you obviously like the rhymes in this poem

Love you quietly; subtly like the truth in my fiction






I love you on a shuttle to the moon and back,

Love you on the bus or a camel’s back

Love you on the BRT or an okada

Love drinking garri or eating dodo and rice; ofada




I love you. Period.





And somehow; I forgot to tell you that

Maybe ‘cos you’re not here and that’s a fact

Your voice in my ear; the sound of your heart

Your tongue when we kiss; how can I forget that?





But I love you.

In Togo or Timbuktu.




And the din from the world outside can be deafening,

Facebook, Twitter, millions and millions of data

BBM, 2go, Whatsapp and all that chatter

It’s too easy to forget what truly matters




Well then. Here we are.





So I switch everything off and think of you

The day becomes sunny and the night so blue

Write you a kiss to take everything from good to better

An outline of my heart within words of a love letter





I love you. Point blank period.




Through missing girls, bomb blasts and Nigeria’s uncertainty

This I’m certain of.






I just need to know if you’re feeling me.

Are you feeling me, love?








Excerpt from “Me. A Story Of Love In Rhyme”.


Can I Say Something?

Can she tell you how lonely she’s been?

Those nights of wishing you didn’t leave;

Days of pulling out her hair, destroying her weave,

Those same braids you paid for, but only after writing her ‘please’

Can she share how cold its been?

Explain how her pillow replaced you between her thighs,

How screams of freed passion have become deep and trapped sighs,

How something soft and cold at warm and strong now tries?

How she uses your messages to identify male lies?

Can she use make-up to explain a break-up?

How her tears play the role of facial cleanser,

How her lip gloss tastes sour without your kiss?

How you stripped away your loving foundation, left her nothing to build on,

And oh! How she smells, fear is now her roll-on?

I understand you, its not your fault too,

It was something that wasn’t like before and that scared you

You should have told her how you felt but sometimes words won’t do,

So you left, all torn inside cos you thought it was best

Meanwhile, you were nothing but a victim of fear

Listen here;

She might not want you back but at least talk to her,

Don’t allow fear keep you trapped, get it out of your mind,

Better make corrections now while there’s still time,

I know so much because the face you see in the mirror is mine.