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That Gender Equality Bullshit II


That Gender Equality Bullshit II


Pick A Struggle, Biko.


Before I proceed, look at this picture:





Seen? Good.

To provide context, that is one of the promotional posters for X-Men: Apocalypse, one of the worst X Movies I have ever seen.

But that’s not the point.

The big guy is En Sabah Nur aka Apocalypse, the guy hailed as the first mutant. In his hand is Mystique, a female shape-shifting mutant. They are on opposite sides of the war, which is why he would be choking her

That poster raised the ire of some ‘feminists’ and ‘human rights groups’.

Their issue?

It promotes violence against women.

It isn’t a lie, is it? Why would anyone want to promote a movie by having a man wrap his hand around the throat of a woman? Isn’t that what they/we’re fighting for?

It is wrong, right?


But; aren’t we supposed to be fighting for gender equality? Those two up there aren’t friends; neither are they lovers. They are people on opposite sides of a war; and in war there are casualties of both sexes, aren’t there?


Someone should have told those hot-blooded feminists; context is everything.


I mean, if she was given preferential treatment because she’s female, that would be sexism, wouldn’t it? He treats her the same way he would treat her male counterparts, it’s violence against women. It’s like asking that female soldiers be shot with special bullets – just because they’re female.


You see why people like me often find feminism confusing? Pick a struggle, biko.


To read more about the X-Men Apocalypse fiasco, go here and here.


That was just the intro; I said that to say this:

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Dr. Who, that British Time Lord who has thrilled English people (and people worldwide) for decades will be portrayed in its thirteenth incarnation by a female. Of course, a number of reactions trailed the news. I wasn’t bothered however, because I know the history of the character. The Time Lord is supposed to be genderless; it was written into the show to allow for continuity in spite of time and explain the change of actors. In fact, I honestly wonder(ed) why it took so long. It’s been coming since forever.


Around the same time, gist about some ‘Women Liberation Front’ People agitating for a female James Bond surfaced. The first I heard of it, it was because Chris Hemsworth had seen Atomic Blond, that Charlize Theron movie and said she would be an amazing Bond. Honestly, I’m pretty much indifferent to the dude. He’s cute but can’t act for shit. That said, I was disappointed. I mean, I would expect him know better.


I’m sure he was trying to pay her a compliment – but he didn’t think it through. If he had, he would have realized agitating for a female Blond is not a compliment to Charlize, neither is it a fight for equality; it’s appropriating a well-known male figure and forcing him into a female mold.


Now let me ask you; why would you want to do that? Is that you don’t think female characters are strong enough – therefore only by appropriating what has been male for so long is the only way to make women relevant? Don’t you know that by doing stuff like that, you’re actually being sexist?


As an aside; I love Kemi Adetiba to death – but the title of her show/program King Women is something I frown at. I love the show, I’m a fan of several of the women who have been on it – but that title is the summation of everything wrong with that side of the ‘gender equality’ war; women can’t achieve greatness on their own pedestal (Queens Regnant; that is – ask Google), they have to come into the men’s arena (Kings).


Or maybe I don’t understand the thinking behind the title ‘King Women’. I stand corrected.


Remember Lara Croft? How about Salt? How about that great lady, Agatha Christie’s (debatably) greatest creation; Miss Marple? How about Wonder Woman? How about Major Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell? How about Linda Ikeja? Genevieve? Sally Kenneth Dadzie? Tomi Adesina? Ogechi Nwobia? Elsie? Joy Isi Bewaji? Beyonce? Melissa Macarthy? Angelina Jolie? Scar Jo (even though I don’t think much of her acting skills)? Ellen Degeneres? Can’t you be great, successful, fucking wealthy and be utterly, undeniably female? Honestly, this kind of thinking is the bane of gender equality – because whether you know it or not, you’re saying there’s no value in being female; there’s something wrong with being female. Like; once you have a vagina, you’re doomed; and the only way out is to try to be male.


It’s the same thinking that makes people ascribe the success of Wonder Woman to ‘GIRLS ROCK!’ and not an amazing character given an amazing story, played by an amazing actress and shot by an amazing director.


No. It’s only because she’s female and we haven’t seen a female-led movie in forever. Hm.


Just yesterday I read on a friend’s Facebook post that some person said chivalry stemmed from chauvinism and therefore should be eradicated.


Bloody Hell.


SO, there’s something wrong with a man being nice to a woman.


Okay. Fair enough.


Yet, if a man behaves around a woman the same way he does around his male friends, there’s a problem. He’s barbaric; animalistic and male. You understand the confusion yet?


Pick a struggle, biko.


Let’s not go into the double-standard conversation. Let’s not go near the whole it’s-only-rape-when-its-done-by-a-man-to-a-woman gist. Let’s not talk about how it’s flirting when a woman does it, it’s sexual harassment when a man does the exact same thing. Oh, let’s leave out all of that.


Please. I’m just asking for clarity. What does gender equality mean; the equality of a species or the ‘get-out-jail-free-card for women when they are in generally inconvenient situations?


I’m just asking. And from one human to another….


Pick a fucking struggle, BIKO!






Spotlight: Another BOOOOOM! Review




So I had another writer friend write a review for BOOOOOM! and just like the name of the book, he gets right into it.


His name is Soogun Omoniyi. He’s an awesome writer.




This is what he thought:


One striking feature of this book is its Nigerian feel. You cannot miss it; from the names and nicknames, to the theatrics, to the locations, to the strange jobs that can only be found in Nigeria. It portrays a brilliance that will not just make a native appreciate the country’s rugged beauty the more, but also put an I-want-to-run-home-now kind of smile on the faces of those in diaspora, and invite inquisitive foreigners.

Talking of the rich setting and characters; they didn’t for a second make me lose focus of where I was. For one who reads lots of foreign books, it can be quite easy to unconsciously slip in and out a foreign land. For Booooom, it’s almost impossible for that to happen; not with Langbe, the carefully created bus conductor, or the Market Woman- who drops you in a typical Nigerian market and its many struggles.

Everything just clicks. 12:15 pm, the perfect chronology from all perspectives is classic. I’ve seen this only in a couple of movies. Yes movies; Booooom is a kind of book that will make a hell of a movie if handled by solid hands.

I don’t think a book can be more real and palpable; though I felt some parts a little bit overdone- too much description. It was like having my favorite meal shoveled down my throat in excessive quantities. But who cares? I love eating it; some may choke, but I love eating.

The blend of humor and sadness did it for me. However, I craved deeper sadnesses whenever they appeared. For instance: The old man- I couldn’t get myself to feel the sorrow as much as I’d have loved to, I just read the words and tried to invoke some sadness. For the humorous parts, I didn’t have to invoke nothing, the laughter/smile just came with the words. Naturally. I guess I’m a sadness addict- hard to please and always wanting more.

Yes, Booooom is not directed at being didactic, but if you’re the kind of reader that sees something in everything, it won’t be so difficult to figure out the lessons embedded in a few places at Sunshine bus stop.

Finally, I think the aim or one the aims of Boooom was achieved- Create a bomb blast and task/mess with the reader; while doing that, give a peek into the poignant lives of some of the characters, subtly providing reasons why they may want to die. This was attained in style. I really love.

I prayed and longed for a wow. I got it. I mean, who could have thought that. One thing though; I wished the ‘wow’ had me flipping back the pages. I wished the perpetrator came somewhere at the beginning or in the middle. I wanted the so-I-passed-this-and-I-didn’t-see-it! kinda feeling.”


Thank you plenty, Soogun.


In case you’re yet to read BOOOOOM!, grab your copy here now:



Click Poster To Download. It’s Free!




Midweek Fix: All That Fucking





Sex. Such a powerful three-letter word. A simple, basic solution to the world’s worst problems.


You’re in a killing mood? Look for firm breasts and well-rounded thighs. Headaches? Go for a good humping! You tired of life and can’t seem to get your shit together…bros; get fucked!



Your relationships are dying out? And I don’t mean same-sex-relations…you perverts! I’m talking about healthy male-female relationships – even between friends. Just apply some good-old sexual healing…and voila. Instant smiles all round.

In fact, if for every time the world went to war; all the soldiers did was shag and get laid and …not only will they be too blissfully tired to lift a gun not to talk about cocking and firing it…we would all be related! Would you fire a gun at your step-cousin’s niece?
Beyond a doubt, sex is good. It is fulfilling; asides from the fact that it has lots of colorful names, and though it used to make the more demure of us blush whenever it was mentioned in a room, nowadays we want to talk about it! Pornography is such an ‘innovative mind-opener’…


Okay. I did not type that.

In Dan Brown’s controversial (and-so-full-of-bullshit; I need to say that) novel, he states that the Priory Of Sion (a secret society charged with the responsibility of protecting Jesus and Mary Madgalene’s bloodline) believes that for man to experience God in person, all he needs to do is open all his senses at the moment of orgasm and he will actually ‘see’ God.


Hm. Wow. How powerful sex is.


One thing that really bothers me is the use of the term ‘Casual Sex’; which is defined as ‘one-off sexual encounters with strangers or agreements that can stretch over a longer period of time between two people who have sex together’.  The reason I deplore the term is because I strongly believe sex is too powerful an act to be labelled ‘casual’.


Of course, we want to rationalize that ‘sex’ and ‘making love’ are two different things because one is a ‘physical act’ while the other involves your emotions, exaggerated sensations, blah. Be that as it may, it is basically the same fucking thing; pun intended. When you ‘make love’, you simply have sex with someone you like! Finish!

So…why all the oyinbo??


And damn, not only does the bible; God’s everlastingly timeless word state clearly that marriage is the only relationship in which sex is agreeable; that ‘marriage is holy, and the bed undefiled’, it also says that ‘a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave (I prefer ‘clinch’…hehehehehe) to his wife…and the two shall become ONE FLESH.’




Now imagine.

Do you have any idea how many people I have slept with? From barmaids to strippers to prostitutes to house-girls to bankers to married women to cougars to…man, I have to admit; I’m one randy guy. And as a wise man once told me; ‘we’re not human beings who have spiritual experiences, we’re spiritual beings who have human experiences!’


I believe sex is more than just the ‘exchange of fluids’ and the panting of bated breath, sweaty bodies and shaking limbs; we actually share something of ourselves with whoever it is we have sex with. Two spirits who; for a moment in time, share a world of purple skies and red clouds and white sands…an explosion of energy.


Now imagine how much of me I have shared with all the women I have slept with. Imagine how much of them I have in me. Imagine how many people I’m bringing along to the marriage bed. Incredible.


Pastor Sam Adeyemi said, “People expect the sex to validate the relationship, when it’s actually the relationship that validates the sex!” C’mon people. Do we have to take our clothes off to have fun? Em…okay; I saw that coming – we can fuck with clothes on. But must there be sex involved to enjoy being with each other? Must we behave as if these hormones control us, and not the other way around?


Nowadays no one in his right mind would claim to be celibate; they’d probably recommend some MFM deliverance for you – after they’re done laughing, that is. It’s as if we’re trying to catch up on all the chastity belts and rings our parents (mostly our mothers) wore back then. My guy, slow down na. Who dey pursue you?


It’s so bad, guys who choose to exercise control over this part of their relationships usually get dumped not because the ladies do not like you or are even nuts about you for that matter; but they usually are expressive beings. It’s not enough to tell her you love her, you show it.


And because she’s that way about you, she wants to hold you, kiss you, inhale you; because you’re like wine to her senses, she reels when she’s with you; you make her lose control…


Okay. I’m sure you get the point.

But, my men…have you ever made love to a woman and she was so caught up in it…in you; she cries?


But this is my point: sex is now so ‘casual’, we can have sex with someone without knowing or caring about their name, who they are, where they’re from…and it’s scary. Like a friend of mine said…‘we all must contribute our quota to global warming’.




And the way we go at this sex thing, we just need to shag some more and we have our global community! I mean, we’ve all pretty much shagged each other; because I used to sleep with her, now she’s with him, and I’m with her friend, who used to be with my neighbor…and he used to be with…damn.

I’m sure somewhere along the line, all the guys would become gay; because…we’re pretty much ‘sleeping’ with each other!


I’m not knocking your hustle or your shagging; neither is this an attempt at glorifying celibacy. Shag all you want, my pessin! It’s a free world.

What I am doing here is trying to illustrate a dim portion of a brightly-lit picture, to present another perspective to this thing called sex. Do what you like, but be conscious of why you do it, how you do it and who you do it with.
Bottom line: Watch Who You Fuck With. Literally.


This is just my 50kobo – I’d really like to hear yours!