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I Can’t; But I Can

“You’re not in my life yet,” she said, I said true that,

But that other thing you asking for, I can’t do that

You ask how far can I go? I can’t wait to prove that

But still I’d love to take my time; I’m sure you knew that

I heard one time, love beat your heart blue-black

The word on life avenue is – you got too fat

You wanna know what I think – I say screw that!

Is that your past behind in my way? I gotta move that

Whatever baggage you carrying; on entry lose that

You really can’t bring old shit into new land

Put a new song in your heart – and groove to that

Show you – the way forward; and then push back

Sure; I can do that.

Do you want me to do that?

Sure I can do that.

Do I really need to prove that?

Let’s Do That.




Swift Scribbles: Gobe aka E Don Happen!


Remember Trapped In The Closet?


Yes; at least the first five chapters. I felt I had passed auditioning for a role and we were now shooting. The girl sat as she was, lips looking like they couldn’t decide to either laugh or just smile. They would still look fantastic either way; I admitted.


A few seconds away from drooling, I caught myself and eyed my girlfriend from the corner of my eye. What I saw made me sit straight and face her with all my attention.


She looked like she had just be told what she ate and thought was chicken pie was actually ‘rat pie’.


She hates rats.



Swift Scribbles: Watching

She looked like something that belonged on a movie set.


Except this wasn’t a movie.


I was on queue at the Opebi junction, waiting to get a bus to go home. I was tired, irritated and angry at the new Keke Napep ban  which was just an unnecessary inconvenience, going crazy from the chatter of two market women who looked like they had a mud fight all day – and I just wanted to sleep.


When the whiff of Chanel 05 hit my olfactory senses I didn’t think much of it immediately – and then I saw her.


She looked like something that belonged on a movie set. Except, this wasn’t a movie.



The Chanel No. 5 logo is a registered trademark

The Chanel No. 5 logo is a registered trademark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You know; I really don’t think she remembers me;
And if she does; I bet she thinks I’m another member. Me!
But I know those eyes; I know them
I’ve seen them too many times; I know they sing an anthem
You know what I think? But why should you care?
After all, I’m the ‘new guy’! Indeed…yeah.
But you know – how you feel something rare;
And it has nothing to do with love or sex; for a year,

Hello, pretty friend

I imagine I would be here; or maybe not,
I am a normal guy, I am not a nut
I know – she thinks sometimes I really act strange;
Like ‘why does he walk when he is made for a range?’
But; and then a very large but,
People fear what they don’t understand; why not?
Stand up! That’s the first thing I say to her;
‘Stand up!’ It’s a name not many can bear,
Maybe due to fear; or maybe not,
One question tho; can we be friends…?