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Love Drops – My Little Girl Speaks

One of the people I had the privilege to speak with for the purpose of the Love Drops collection is a little girl who I imagine ardent readers of this blog would know quite well. Let me recreate the scenario of said interview:

I walk into her room and find her sitting beside her bed, legs folded into each other in a yoga pose. She’s wielding a crayon much like I would a pen, and she’s scanning two books placed side by side in front of her. She looks up as I enter, and then rises.

“Hi there,”

“Good afternoon,” she replies primly, curtseying. Mother says you have some questions you want to ask me.”

I nod, feeling one kind. The child has a way of unsettling me. “Indeed. I would just like to ask you what you think about love – how would you define love?”

She resumes her former position and picks up the crayon – and then looks at the open pages. I have a moment wondering whether to repeat myself or to just wait – and then she suddenly starts to speak.

GQ - Character Names 6

Isn’t she interesting? What do you think?

Just in case – download Love Drops The Ebook Here:


Iya Rukka Speaks!


Good morning guys!


The best bestest part of putting together Love Drops for me was going into the streets and talking to varied different people and getting their feel about love and love related stuff. Of the twenty-plus people I spoke with – only ten made the jump. It was a learning process for me; speaking to these people whose lives were as far apart as my eyes to my toes.



I like – I really like everyone of the quotes – but if I had to choose just one –







What do you think? Does the lady know what she’s talking about?!

If you haven’t – download Love Drops here now!

Love Drops Side B – The EP.



Good morning, good people!


You got the book. Now peep the EP!


Performed by The Psalmurai, Love Drops EP is an interesting adventure down a soundscape – multiple ideas and concepts about love – or lack of it.


Anyways, no long tin. Peep the EP cover – and then download the music after the jump!



Love Drops The EP as performed by The Psalmurai

Love Drops The EP as performed by The Psalmurai





PS: Due to the nature of Soundcloud, you will have to download the tracks one after the other – as opposed to downloading one file. Hope you don’t mind – thank you!


Have a great week!

Love Drops Right Here!


Good Morning! Happy New Month! Have A Great Week!


*clears throat*


Sorry. I’m Excited.





Love Drops Is Here!!!!



Here’s Another Sneak Peek:





From a little room. In my house.

Somewhere In Lagos.

8th of February 2015




My Dearest One,

Yes. I mean you.



I try to imagine your state – I mean your ambiance; your feeling as you read this. If I know you well (which I tell myself I do), you’re sitting up in bed, ignoring the noisy backdrop from screaming generators – or maybe generators are reserved for engineering plants and whatnots where you are – reading this and smiling that smile; you know, the one you smile when you’re all alone in your world, away from prying and judgmental eyes. That smile that makes even you; the ‘smiler’ blush.



Well. It tickles to think you’re smiling for me. Really.



Do you remember how we met?



Wait a moment. Are you sure? I’m convinced it was on Naijastories o.



You saw a link on Twitter – or was it Facebook? Oh – someone mentioned the blog? For Days and a Night? Saving Dapo?



Or is this our first time?



No matter. We have a ways to go before this ends; you and I.



I recall; I remember the first words you ever said to me – the first time you got personal with anything I’ve ever done. I cannot recreate or capture the words here, but if I was to simply sum them, they would read something along the lines of:



You write beautifully.



I must have stared at your tweet/comment/post for hours because I found it beguiling to say the least. What exactly do I write that would make someone like you create time and space in your heart and head for someone like me?







Peep The Cover For The Ebook – And Then Download Love Drops Right After The Jump!





Love Drops !!!!!

Love Drops !!!!!








Have a great week – and Happy Reading!!!!

Love Drops – Excerpts II






Let us not bore you.



Instead – please read the second excerpt from the forth-coming project; Love Drops.











“Mr. Obi – “



He started awake, jerking as though he’d just stopped himself from falling. Wiping his face from sweat and during-sleep perspiration, he looked around – and then finally up at the woman addressing him.



“Yes, Rose?”



She tucked a stray strand of braided hair behind her left ear before answering. “It’s after nine, sir. I thought you would want to go home today.”



He watched her from underneath his brows, trying to see if she was trying to make fun of him. The lower left corner of her lip twitched as though struggling – and then it gave way to a smile.



In spite of his embarrassment, he smiled back.



Carefully untangling himself from the chair, he got up. “Why are you still here?” he asked the watching woman as he shrugged on his blazer. He finished and turned towards her to find her regarding him with a question on her face.



“You’re still here,” was her answer, and he felt as though he’d asked a foolish question.






“That was a good meeting, wasn’t it?” he asked her, some days after as they drove away from one of their clients.



“Yes it was,” she responded, but he could tell she was distracted. He turned towards the window, feeling somewhat disgruntled and not knowing why.



“Kola, drive us to Tobe’s school, please.” She addressed the driver.



“Yes ma,” Kola responded.



He turned from his perusal of Ikoyi streets and faced her. “Tobe’s school? It isn’t time to pick him yet, is it?”



She smiled at him tolerantly, like an aunt indulging her little nephew. “No – but it’s his birthday so he gets off early.”



The shock that appeared on his face couldn’t be affected. “My goodness! It is?”







In case you missed it – download “Parts Of Me” the first single from Love Drops here:



Thank you – March Two Cometh!

Love Drops – First Single!!

Hey there again, true believers!

I have so much to thank you for – but let’s get going here first. Good books, good music, good wine – those are some of the finest things life can afford anyone. I think.

What do you think?

Anyways – from the Love Drops EP Ebook project comes the first single “Parts Of Me” by the artist I’m collaborating with – Psalmurai. Interesting name, right?

Well, as you will come to find, Psalmurai is a brilliant wordsmith and a rap veteran in Nigeria. It’s understandable if you don’t know him yet, just give the single a listen and you’ll see.

Peep the single artwork, read the lyrics from one of the verses – and then download “Parts Of Me” after the jump!

Thank you! And it’s still March Two!

Love Drops Single


You don’t want no parts of me/

That’s what i told the lady/She in love with me/

Passionately/Can’t get enough of me/

But all I think she wants is a small part of me/

That sane part of me/

 Girl I’m crazy when I’m by myself/That’s right/

My state of mind not good for your health/

Yeah you heard me/I know you said you can take it/

But when the blow is felt you cry/And start telling a whole different story/

 And then – love story go turn to long story/

Exaggerate like I threw you of the 3rd storey/

Long and short of the matter I’m saying you don’t me/

i might be a nice guy but baby i no holy



I’m broke/Unpopular

I’m rich and famous

I’m nice and happy

A creep/A sadist

I might be pedestrian

Or cruising a Mercedes

Yes I’m looking for heaven

But I’m living in Hades


Love Drops. March Two. Come March Too.


Love Drops is a collaboration between Block 20 Media and Seun Odukoya. It is a collection of short stories and an Extended Play album by the rapper Psalmurai. Love Drops contains different thoughts and perspectives on this timeless part of humanity – our shared humanity.






ld-promo 2b




I hope we’ll be there together – we look forward to walking with you.



Thank you so much!!!!