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Love Drops Side B – The EP.



Good morning, good people!


You got the book. Now peep the EP!


Performed by The Psalmurai, Love Drops EP is an interesting adventure down a soundscape – multiple ideas and concepts about love – or lack of it.


Anyways, no long tin. Peep the EP cover – and then download the music after the jump!



Love Drops The EP as performed by The Psalmurai

Love Drops The EP as performed by The Psalmurai





PS: Due to the nature of Soundcloud, you will have to download the tracks one after the other – as opposed to downloading one file. Hope you don’t mind – thank you!


Have a great week!


Love Drops – First Single!!

Hey there again, true believers!

I have so much to thank you for – but let’s get going here first. Good books, good music, good wine – those are some of the finest things life can afford anyone. I think.

What do you think?

Anyways – from the Love Drops EP Ebook project comes the first single “Parts Of Me” by the artist I’m collaborating with – Psalmurai. Interesting name, right?

Well, as you will come to find, Psalmurai is a brilliant wordsmith and a rap veteran in Nigeria. It’s understandable if you don’t know him yet, just give the single a listen and you’ll see.

Peep the single artwork, read the lyrics from one of the verses – and then download “Parts Of Me” after the jump!

Thank you! And it’s still March Two!

Love Drops Single


You don’t want no parts of me/

That’s what i told the lady/She in love with me/

Passionately/Can’t get enough of me/

But all I think she wants is a small part of me/

That sane part of me/

 Girl I’m crazy when I’m by myself/That’s right/

My state of mind not good for your health/

Yeah you heard me/I know you said you can take it/

But when the blow is felt you cry/And start telling a whole different story/

 And then – love story go turn to long story/

Exaggerate like I threw you of the 3rd storey/

Long and short of the matter I’m saying you don’t me/

i might be a nice guy but baby i no holy



I’m broke/Unpopular

I’m rich and famous

I’m nice and happy

A creep/A sadist

I might be pedestrian

Or cruising a Mercedes

Yes I’m looking for heaven

But I’m living in Hades