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The question lies;


Deep within these friendless skies,


Family with who you have no blood ties,


And they talk as if all of life; within blood lies,


What do they know; really?


What do they; or I, or you, for that matter…


What do we know of what truly matters?


Then; deep, within these friendly highs,


Lies the question…


Why; then?





Lẹbẹ: A Sign Of Things To Come.


Sometime In April…





New Series: For Want Of A Child

After twelve years of a supposedly-happy marriage, a man is pressured into leaving his wife because they don’t have a child of their own. But he comes to ask himself – are children really the most important part of a marriage?


May God preserve us. Join me on this journey.

See You Then!

Love Drops The E-Book/EP Soon Come!

Good morning, beautiful people!

After the release of Saving Dapo last year, a music label reached out to me and requested that I collaborate with one of their artists; a rapper, on a project for Valentine’s Day this year. It was a generous offer; and since it involves me doing two of the things I love to do most – I very well couldn’t refuse. Due to the elections and what nots however – the release has been pushed to March.

Still, we get to have a first look at what the project will feel like here now:

ld-promo a

Thank you! So much! Please share your thoughts!

For regular updates check out the event page on Facebook:

And just in case you didn’t know…


Finally: Saving Dapo Poster(s) and Release Date


I apologize for the silence here. It’s been crazy – but finally I get to share some of what’s been keeping me away.


It’s the end of the year – but for some, the year is just beginning.


Like Dapo and friends.


I’m very very pleased to share with you the official release date for the book Saving Dapo.


I’m giggling. I’m so happy.


I hope you’re happy – and excited too!



Here We Go

Here We Go



Can We Countdown Together?


Ten Days To Go…