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What makes a good story?

This and a lot other questions are what me and some of the most brilliant literary minds around will be answering at an intense one-day creative writing workshop. Tagged ‘The SWA Creative Writing Workshop’ and organized by the SW Advantage Resources in partnership with Okadabooks. Featuring an extensive who’s who list of writing, it is guaranteed to be quite the experience. I myself will be teaching on Creative Fictional Prose. 


Peep details below!

Date: 26th May, 2018
Time: 9am to 4pm
Venue: Somewhere within the VI/Lekki axis.
Aim: To give creative writers the opportunity to learn from some of the best literary minds in Nigeria in an environment where they can interact freely, ask questions and as much as possible, seal profitable deals.
We are particular about helping them realize that creative writing is a big deal and they should be able to project that feeling of importance to the society and their clients.
Program Highlights:
1. Breakout workshops for each genre.
Each session will last for 90mins and all the sessions will run concurrently so participants can attend only one session. However, we hope you will have training content that can be gifted to every participant.
2. Panel session on writing profitably in Africa. Here, all members of the faculty will be asked questions (by the audience and host) designed to help us learn how to profit from our writing skills in Africa. Your invaluable experience will be an asset here.
3. Panel session on traditional publishing, online publishing, editing and marketing.
4. Networking session. Over lunch, while taking pictures and almost throughout the event, we hope to create an atmosphere for participants to loosen up and connect with you.
Our Faculty:
Efe Paul Azino (poetry),
Wole Oguntokun (stage play),
Tomide Olukuade (non-fiction prose),
Madonna Robinson (screen writing)
And yours truly;
Okechukwu Ofili (Book marketing),
Edirin Edewor (Online publishing),
Ini Akpan (Editing),
Jite Efemuaye (Traditional publishing).
A number of interesting bonuses are also included!!!
Fee: #65,000 Early bird – #50,000
Register HERE.

Dance To The Rhythm of Your Own Beat.


A friend of mine is fond of making fun of sapiosexual people.


I wonder how that makes him happy. Interestingly, he embraces same-sex relationships but cannot make sense of how intelligence is a turn-on.  I don’t bother trying to explain it to him; he’s intelligent enough to get it. He just can’t be bothered.

I guess.

My point however, is it is what it is. He is a valued friend; one of the few people I can share my strangest thoughts with and not feel like a psychopathic killer. We just can’t agree on sapiosexuality.


And that’s fine.


There are a lot of things about me that make people uncomfortable. I accept that. There are a lot of things about me that make some of the people I hold most dear not know what to do with me. I accept that too. I accept these things because I’ve come to understand; just because people do not understand or like a particular thing doesn’t make that thing automatically bad. 

It just is what it is.



But; and I can tell you this for free – I did not always understand that. I would have friends, we would fight and I would spend time agonizing over the fact that I have done it again, whatever ‘it’ was supposed to be. And sometimes, I would ask such friends and they would be unable to explain what it was to me. So I thought maybe it’ll be best if I stopped having friends. No friends, no heartbreak. And for a while, I was okay.


And then, as it happens in fiction, I fell in love.


That particular romance shaped a lot of me. I had someone who bothered, who took the time to know me for me, and not based on what someone said or whatever his expectations were. I knew what it felt like to be loved and accepted for who I was.

It felt like I imagine heaven to feel. It. Was. Everything.


Of course, I have flaws and I continually work on making them better. However, there’s a clear difference between bad and unusual/different. A lot of us are unhappy because people are not accepting of us because we don’t meet their idea of perfect. We continually try to fit ourselves into boxes created for us but we don’t belong in and it’s killing us slowly. Daily, we unintentionally commit slow suicide.


That’s no life.


We must learn to embrace ourselves for who we are. Again, to be clear – that is not to say ‘be rude if that’s who you are’ or ‘be an asshole’ and so on. It’s okay to not like Game of Thrones. I don’t. It’s okay to not care for Avengers Infinity War/Black Panther and the rest of those things. I do – and that’s fine either way. Be good to yourself sha, we’re all going through stuff and you deserve to be happy.


You’re beautiful, and your scars are nothing but beauty marks. Enjoy them.


The TEDex Rape Talk

I had the privilege of speaking at the first TEDx Unilag event earlier this year – and I spoke on an issue that matters to me; an issue that affects all of us – whether we know it or not.

Rape and Rape Culture In Nigeria.

You can watch the video here – and share your thoughts, opinions and so on.

Also share with your friends, so they can share with theirs.

Thank you!