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Whenever you see stars in the sky,



Whenever you see chickens or birds fly,

Whenever you see cars drive by, horns honking,

Whenever you see an action movie; guns shooting,

Whenever you see grown men gathered, watching wrestling,

Whenever you hear our dear politicians stressing,

Whenever you hear a pastor call for tithes and offering,

Whenever you see a bro calling a sister, whistling,

Whenever you get that good old feeling,

Whenever you see a fan still somewhat attached to the ceiling,



Whenever your hear that ice cream truck playing that tune,

Whenever you see cobwebs in that same corner in the same room,

Whenever you see every day stuff; know the truth:

As I do every day; I just thought of you.



For Yemisi. 



Loose Lines #1

Set your soul on fire,

Or let me.


We tell a tale across the skies.
Or maybe.

I can just lay across your thighs.

And accept,

My life is in two chapters;

Before and After You.

When Is It Right? Part I



Remember when they said you were too young to love?

You wouldn’t understand the valleys and mountains;

You couldn’t navigate the valley lows and highways

Wells and fountains?

They looked at your age,

And said it would be impossible for you to maintain

Keep up with the pressure,

It takes to hold on to pleasure

And your young heart pleaded;

‘Please explain,’

And they said, ‘You’re too young to understand’.





The question lies;


Deep within these friendless skies,


Family with who you have no blood ties,


And they talk as if all of life; within blood lies,


What do they know; really?


What do they; or I, or you, for that matter…


What do we know of what truly matters?


Then; deep, within these friendly highs,


Lies the question…


Why; then?




Thoughtful Tuesday: In The End

To which we say; we’ll be fine.

We will be, won’t we?

While we pick up the dust and ashes of failed dreams,

Romance and true love we killed on a whim,

In our youth, we danced and spun on fate’s wheeling wheels,

With wind in our sails we bent life to our will,

Will we or will we not forever live?

We will be fine; we say,

While forward! We march onto our graves.

We will be fine.

I Am The Doorway


Nothing lasts forever

Nobody stays

We just come together

For a while,

And then – go away


Is life a game;

We have no choice but play?

Why can’t words communicate,

Things important to say?


A hypocrite,

A flawed – no; a failed experiment;

Seeking perfection in others

Getting girls delivered like mail orders

No truth here, madam. Look further


Maybe happiness is a dream, a mirage, an illusion;

Maybe it’s meant for those with clear vision,

Or maybe that makes no sense. Maybe it’s just a joining of words;



You don’t understand?

Okay; understand;

I’m romance’s Ozil; everyone else is Ronaldo or Messi,

The king of assists; the best of wingmen,

But when it’s my turn to score, things become messy!

Perhaps I’m meant to sit on the wings, man


So I accept. I’ll play Watcher,

Fold my hands, observe, watch her,

No happiness for me in love; no way,

I’ve accepted my fate; I am the doorway






When NEPA strikes and it feels like you’re stuck,

Hot, sticky and network sucks,

Know that –

Know that I love you,

And that’s enough



When you don’t have data and can’t browse,

When there’s nothing but a frown between your brows,

Be sure –

Be sure I love you,

Erase your doubts



When your ATM card is just an ornament, you’re broke,

And it’s hard to smile – you’re a quarter past broke

Reach out –

Reach and confirm, I love you,

Read these words I quote



When the past seems to intrude on the present,

Making lies of all the gifts; the present

Unwrap this –

Unwrap this package; I love you

That should make all the difference



And when, a few days to; you develop cold feet

I understand; marrying me is a feat,

Be brave –

Be brave; I love you

I’m with you all the way; victory or defeat



I know you no longer eat for one but two

You don’t have to try to please me too,

Just let me –

Let me do for you; I love you

Put your feet up darling, I’ll feed you


And when, you’re old, grey and all wrinkly,

You’ll still never have to ask; ‘hug me’

Baby –

Baby, I love you

Whether young, old or dying

I promise




Say you love me too.