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Young Female Writers Wanted.


No, it’s not an ad. Well, not in the way you’re thinking.


Truth is, there’s no better time than right now to be a female writer. Why?


So YMCA Lagos decides to do a short story competition for young female writers. And it is simple and straight forward – it is a simple encouragement/opportunity to speak up, tell your stories and let your voices be heard.


Don’t take my word for it tho. Check out the flyer below:




So – let me not ask the obvious but – what are you still reading for?!


Thank you.


Keep Calm and Shit With Sense

This Should Have Come Earlier.

I Apologise. Some small details kept me from sharing since.

Make we no long talk again:


SZt5JWRI.jpg large



Bedouin, a Lagos-based Creative Media Firm is on a mission to put an end to open defecation in Nigeria through its “Shit With Sense” campaign.



Open defecation puts people at risk of contracting quite a number of diseases, which often lead to deaths. For instance, in 2013, over 340,000 children under 5 years died from diarrhoea resulting from lack of safe water, sanitation and basic hygiene.



The aim is to improve the toilet and sanitary conditions of the average Nigerian.



You can join in this campaign by spreading the word as much as you can, as far as you can and as fast as you can, for a worthy cause. But there’s also something in it for you as well. You can stand a chance to win some gift items by taking the following steps:



  1. Follow @bedouinnation and @shitwithsense on twitter or @swslagos on Instagram.
  2. Write a funny short story in your notes on your phone that you think will help pass the message #ShitWithSense. Or create a funny short video with the message.
  3. Take a screenshot and tweet the photo at both handles with the hashtag #ShitWithSense or upload the video on Instagram with the hashtag #ShitWithSense and tag us as well.
  4. Get your friends to retweet you on twitter or like your video on instagram
  5. The funniest story and video with the highest retweets/reposts and likes gets a prize.



From Thursday, 19th November, World Toilet Day to Thursday, 3rdDecember, this contest will be on. You’ve got two weeks to gather your votes and the winners will be announced on Friday the 4thof December. So hurry! Start writing, start recording and start sharing. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #ShitWithSense and be sure to keep tweeting at us! Good luck!


Are you still here?! Get to tweeting!

Creatweet Hall of Fame: Think We Forgot About You?!


Okay. So we know we took forever. Better late than never, no?


More importantly – we do not agree that time should be a factor in doing what you’re supposed to! In fact, start NOW and keep going!


To that end – we would like to take a minute; a moment to honor all the people who took the time to take part in the first ever Creatweet Contest. No matter what you think; no matter what you’ve heard – believe us when we say; you all are winners.



The First Ever Creatweet Wall-of-Famers!

The First Ever Creatweet Wall-of-Famers!


This might not be a big deal to you – but you took the time to enter into the contest. You sat down, crafted incredible stories despite all the ‘walls’ and restrictions – you went ahead and did it. We cannot thank you enough for your support, your faith and encouragement. You matter to us a great deal.


That plaque is a first. We will want all your signatures on it.


God bless you all, for lending us your shoulders to stand on. Let us keep winning together.


We hope you all look forward to the second installment. Believe us; we do!


Have a great week!

Spotlight: Creatweet Winners!

Good morning, Scribes and Friends!


The Creatweet Contest was fun – real mad fun as y’all know. Even as we’re gearing up for the second installment, we bring to you the guys who won the first one!


First under the slide is Roland Ndu Akpe…the guy who also walked away with the book – The Yellow World.


Read and enjoy his interview questions below:



Winner of the first ever Creatweet Contest - Roland Ndu Akpe

Winner of the first ever Creatweet Contest – Roland Ndu Akpe



  • Who wrote the last book you read? Why did you read it?


I have not been reading any one book in particular of recent. Just at different spots in a literary journal and a few other books. Saraba Magazine’s Africa Issue; started Jose Saramago’s Seeing about a week back; ‘Lacan and Science’, a collection of essays on Jacques Lacan, edited by Jason Glynos and Yannis Stavrakakis a few days ago in traffic and Tade Ipadeola’s The Sahara Testament.

And I read, and read them, because I can’t not read. To know is a need, a craving I will be dead to ignore.


  • What sort of girl do you think you would make?


I have never given it any thought. I would be an entirely different person with oestrogen and progesterone coursing through my bloodstream, I am sure.


  • Sleeping. Eating. Watching movies. And shopping. Which would you like to be paid to do?


Eating, definitely. And, maybe, shopping for footwear.



  • Which Nigerian artist do you think Beethoven would have liked to work with?


Off the cuff, Asa comes to mind.



  • If you were to direct a Nollywood movie, which actor and which actress would be your ‘must haves’?


Muyiwa Ademola, before he got fat, and Stella Damasus.



  • In four short lines, share your thoughts on the book you were given – The Yellow World.


The book with its hardcover shows quality packaging.

The cover with the yellow sphere coincides with the title.

The author looks very much like the lead actor in the Indian movie ‘Three Idiots’.

The first three sentences are because I haven’t read it as at this moment.


Real Name: Nduka Roland Akpe.

Writes as Rolands Ndu Akpe.

He tweets as: @Bloody_Voyeur


Join us tomorrow for the next winner!!



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The Creatweet Contest Winners

The #Creatweet Contest – Winners


Friends and scribes… Top of the day to y’all.


Creatweet Winners


On the top burner for my management and I are the winners for the 1st installment of #Creatweet.


The debates were very hard and long which is typical when you have an eclectic mash up as judges. The fusion of strategy, copywriting/creative writing and art direction produced a unique set of mechanics to evaluate the entries.


The mechanics deployed are as follows:


1. Completeness of the story: The narrative should be a closed loop – nothing should be left to the imagination. Complete resolution of the plot.


2. Content: How engaging is the plot. Did it startle and surprise? Any devices of grammar like symbolism or inversion? Any metaphor or personification etc.


3. Style: Inventiveness. Wit. Twists and Suspense?


4. And of course – the typical lexis and structure blah blah blah.


While all submissions had one or two of these elements, the winning entries resolved completely the causal factors and consequences captured in the plot (each in the last sentence). They had in them no imminent story arc that requires either a prequel or a sequel.


That said, here are our winners:


1st Prize Winner:


Ndu | #DOCB CDs OUT ‏@Bloody_Voyeur
He screamed, screamed. There was blood. She had stabbed the cheating bastard with a kitchen-knife. ‘Cut!’, the director called. #creatweet

Runner Ups:


Nneka ‏@neker17
#creatweet He slipped the ring on her finger as their lips met in a passionate kiss. She moved closer to him. And fell out of bed. Dreams!

SleekSniper ‏@oVunderkind
“I’m scared of spiders”, she said. He was hurt. “We can’t work out”, he said. “Why?” she asked. “No reason”, Peter Parker replied #Creatweet

Asides the N2000 recharge units we are giving each of these guys as a token of our appreciation for their help in getting us a working proof of concept for the

#Creatweet, the 1st prize winner would also be going away with a book – The Yellow World by Albert Espinosa.

A little something to encourage and inspire.

A little something to encourage and inspire.

Life is about following that inner bliss into a world of a thousand suns – the yellow world – where we run free and uninhibited in unlimited possibilities. That’s our wish and prayer for all our friends. Thanks for all the support.

The game is far from over. Watch this space.



The Creatweet Contest: Update II


Friends and scribes… Warm Greetings!


The first installment of the Creatweet was actually a proof of concept. What my management, Gambit, Moore & Oxygen (an eclectic fount of strategy, copy-writing and art direction) sought to do was to see the extensibility of Literature over new platforms other than print. And boy! Did they get a kick out of the exercise?


Mechanics and bounties are being worked on for the 2nd and bigger installment. We gonna be making something!


All entries in this first installment would forever be part our story. You‘ve helped create a phenomenon and we are very grateful.


We are currently sweating it out – debates upon debates – on the winning entries. Yes, we had quite a number of very good and witty submissions and the winners would be announced on Monday, March 18, 2013. 

Yeah. You read that right. W-I-N-N-E-R-S.

Till then… have a swell week. Creatweet is a continuum!



The Creatweet Contest

Have fun with your creativity!

Have fun with creativity!




The Creatweet contest was created primarily to help discover how literature can be created/deployed within the perimeters of new media – to measure how creative we can get in 130 characters.


The demographic (18-22 years) and the price are to test the idea before scaling it up.


However, we have decided to bow to public sentiment on the demographic. The contest is now open to all. On the prize, believe us when we say the second installment of this contest will blow your mind.


Back to the task at hand – the #Creatweet contest begins NOW!


Let’s make magic! Thank you!



I was hanging out with some of my buddies and looking through For Days and A Night – I was being made fun of, critiqued and ridiculed at the stories. But I was also being complimented and praised.


But that’s not the point. Someone suddenly asked ‘what’s the shortest story you’ve ever read?’


We started mentioning stories and all sorts of things – we were laughing at all the different ridiculous things that we had read. And then we decided to challenge ourselves and write the shortest stories we could.


Below are some of the stories we came up with:


  • She was my late girlfriend. Yet there she was, calling me fifteen years later, as alive as a point-and-kill fish before execution!


  • “And how is my wife?” he nervously asked the doctor.


               She said one word. He fainted.



  • That they were about to die did not bother them in the least. That much I could tell from their smiles.


Long after we departed for our homes, I sat down and looked through those stories. And this crazy guy kept asking me ‘Seun, how far can this go?’


Then it occurred to me that sharing this would not be a bad idea. I’m constantly learning – and what better way to learn that to challenge myself and others to do push our art to the limit?


Here is what I came up with:


The #Creatweet ‘Contest’.


Nothing serious; just something to inspire, create fun and then give a little something for effort. Here we go:


Have fun and get rewarded while you’re at it!


Get on twitter, write a story or creative sentences in 130 characters or less, tag your work with the hashtag #creatweet and win N2000 airtime from any network of your choice!


‘Contest’ begins on Monday the 11th of March 2013 9:00am and ends on Tuesday the 12th of March 2013 9:00am.


Winners will be announced on Friday the 15th of March 12noon.


There are only three conditions:


  1. Contestants should be between the ages 16 – 22 years
  2. Winner will be judged on use of English, punctuations and so on. Use of text speak automatically disqualifies an entry.
  3. Contest only open to Nigerian residents.


You can send as many entries as you like – the more you enter the more your chances of winning!


What are you waiting for?! Start tweeting!


Send all enquiries to Follow @seunodukoya