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Update: Welcome To Fright Nights

Good morning!

From June 8, I will be telling horror stories on Twitter. What that means is Monday nights for four weeks, I will be tweeting stories – stories intended to scare you, put a chill in your bones and a scream in your throat –

Don’t mind me.

I won’t be tweeting links, the actual stories will be told on Twitter! Every Monday from June 8, a new story title will be announced via # so you can curate and follow the story!

Sounds fun, right? Just follow the #TwitterAfterDark #StoryTitle – for example if next week’s story is Bullet For Brains, that Monday’s hashtag is #BulletForBrains.

You dig?

Share your Monday nights with me – and I’ll write you a new prescription for terror.


Or not.

UPDATE: I got more than my fair share of support (God bless you!) and quite a number of mails concerning whether other writers could contribute.

And then I thought, ‘why not?’

So instead of just #MondayFrightNights we’ll be having Monday and #FridayFrightNights!

How cool is that?

Mondays I’ll be sharing my own stories, Fridays I’ll be sharing stories from other writers! Two for the price of none!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments, please!


UPDATE II: Monday Night Frights will remain on Mondays.


Thank you so much for your feedback and prompts.


God bless y’all!


Thank you. Have a great week!

#MondayFrightNights begins in a few hours.

Be Ready.