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Coming To You Live: Trinity



So I have been working for a minute on a project that is quite dear to me – simply because it concerns my first love: comics. I collaborated with a couple brilliant people and together we created this piece of fiction; the preview of which I am so proud to share with you.

Without further ado:




Father Moses Shaw, a British spy, found religion after the Biafran War. Yet, he has since built the most formidable intelligence database on the African continent.


Zain Zubayr, driven, stylish and West Point-trained is Hausa royalty and a high-flying New York attorney who must return to Nigeria to investigate the lies surrounding the legacies of her slain father.


The Ghost is the aging, institutional enforcer of a century-old secret society allegedly founded by anti-colonialist hero, Herbert Macaulay. Haunted and hunted by his past, he pays penance as a ruthless vigilante on the streets of Lagos.


These three unlikely allies must face their demons while crusading against the overwhelming forces out to destroy an already divided nation.

This high octane conspiracy thriller is essentially the secret history of Nigeria, scribbled in blood and bile, chronicling a raging feud that threatens to consume this fragile union and its embattled, oblivious citizens as fresh elections draw near. Nothing is going to prepare them for the Red October Protocols.

Nothing can save them now.

‘Thunder will break, earth bind me fast. 
Obduracy, the disease of elephants.’ 
– Christopher Okigbo



Now enjoy the cover and first few pages off Trinity: Red October


Trinity Issue 1 Cover


Trinity Issue 1 Page 2

Trinity Issue 1 Page 3

Trinity Issue 1 Page 4

Trinity Issue 1 Page 5



Go download your free preview here now!




Lẹbẹ́ Book II



Good morning!


I apologize to everyone who has been following/reading here. Life happens.


As it is, I just about wrapped up work on the second book in the Lebe series! It should be headed your way quite soon – I would have given specifics but I’d rather not disappoint. Suffice it to say; it’s coming.


I’m pretty excited – not only did I get to visit that world and its characters once more, we got a major facelift. Namely:


LEBE - Cover Redesign 280417 1B



How are we looking? Good, I’m sure!

Lẹ́bẹ́’s world is heating up – but as they say; ‘It’s darkest before the dawn’. Get ready.

Buy Lẹ́bẹ́ Book I here.


Lẹbẹ: A Sign Of Things To Come.


Sometime In April…





Spotlight: Crux of the Matter Now on TV!


Good afternoon, true believers! I have great news. Your favorite radio show, Crux of The Matter (or ‘The Koko of The Gist’ like me and my twin Deoye likes to call it) is now on TV.


Crux of the Matter is a show that focuses on relationships and sex – in fact, hear from the beautiful host, Elsie Godwin herself:


crux of matter


‘Crux of the Matter’ Debuts This April on R2TV


‘Crux of the Matter’ talk show debuts on the 5th of April, 2017 on R2TV. Hosted by Elsie Godwin, the Relationship, Dating and Sex based talk show will objectively tackle various issues bordering on relationships between men and women with interesting guests.


Produced by Royal Roots Communication Limited and Mind-Mastik Media Collage, the show is a thought provoking and insightful program which dissects the aforementioned issues in the Nigerian and African context with a no holds barred approach.


“A lot of us would not come out to discuss sex openly in order not to be viewed as being morally bankrupt or accused of not conforming to societal norms,” says Elsie Godwin, the host of the show. “There is also a particular category of people who would rather discuss or give their opinions on such issues only on social media platforms, but act or speak contrary in reality,” she added.


According to Elsie, Crux of the Matter will neither be held back by those theatrical conventions, nor swayed by other people’s perceptions, criticisms or the so-called “societal norms” as regards relationship, dating and sex. Crux of the Matter will bring to the fore sensitive issues most of us would only want to deal with in our closets.


Elsie Godwin, who is a Relationship, Literature and Lifestyle blogger, is familiar with the topics as she also hosted the show on radio for one year before moving to TV.


“I am excited that the discussion is moving to TV after one year on radio. It gives me great joy to have these conversations in order to uplift and enlighten people.”


Guests on the show will include – but will not be limited to – Celebrities, Public Influencers, Relationship Consultants, Health Advocates, Bloggers and people with first-hand experience or knowledge of whatever topic is being discussed.


Crux of the Matter, designed to enlighten and entertain both the young and old, also aims to uphold the value of family, love and acceptance in the society.


Crux of the Matter airs every Wednesday on R2TV (GoTV Channel 112) at 9:30pm (WAT).


Watch the first montage below:


Youtube link –


Make it Date.




Lẹ́bẹ́: The Synopsis.


An amateur boxer is put in prison for getting on the wrong side of a rich man and roughing up police officers. Of course, he is forgotten there. Sometime later, he does the cousin of a colonel a favor and the colonel gets him released into his custody as a companion for the Colonel’s cripple son. Unknown to the colonel however, his son was the protégé of a murdered hero and he has been searching for a replacement. The amateur boxer, in exchange for help finding his wife and child helps rid the streets of a new designer drug and in the process, learns what it is to be a hero.


Lẹ́bẹ́ is a street-level, crime-noir pulp magazine-type publication and will be available on OkadaBooks from Monday the 13th of March for five hundred naira (N500). Thank you for the support!


lebe artwork1

Coming Soon: Lẹ́bẹ́




Do ‘New Beginnings’ Exist?


How much of the past do you leave behind?


An innocent man is pardoned by a General after nine years in jail for a crime he did not commit. He goes to work for the General as a companion for his cripple son, who has other plans for the ex-convict; save-the-streets-hero-type plans. Lẹ́bẹ́ examines the transition a street level amateur boxer has to make from tout to local hero.



Lẹ́bẹ́ is a three-part series that will be released monthly via OkadaBooks starting from March 2017.











I’m starting to forget you


Please remind me,


Or maybe I should send a mail,


And in the subject line:


Re: Mind Me


Mind Me;


‘Cos I’m being ignored,


You walk past me without a glance,


You moved too fast,


Reaching to touch the best times of my life,


But I’m looking through glass,


Now it feels like


It feels like I imagined you


Imagined this;


Creation of a fevered mind state,


Some more bullshit,


With mines, create….




What was I going to say?




Yes. I was writing about some girl…


But I can’t – don’t –


…remember her name.