Because we’re different as people – what connects us are the memories; the moments we share.


I don’t consider myself a writer; I consider myself someone who shares.


Memories. Moments.


You’re welcome to share with me.


I’m also sharing my first book For Days and A Night here.


Enjoy…and share!

21 thoughts on “About

  1. I saw your comment on Fela Durotoye’s post and i like ur magic wand. I traced u on fb and i got dis page -Kudos. U wrote things worth feeding upon and to make mankind do something worth writing about.

  2. I saw u comment on Fela Durotoye’s fb post. I liked ur margic wand, i traced u on fb, i saw u and i entered ur page. I like the things i see here. U wrote things worth feeding and i’v learnt to live a good life worth writing about _KUDOS

  3. How would like to do a review on Nkoyo Rapu the author of shining statues?

    Also the wife of Pastor Tony Rapu and a pastor too.

    I am looking for bloggers to do her review.

  4. I don’t remember how I came across your blog but I don’t really care, it’s so nice and entertaining. I’ve read over 10 posts with me telling myself ‘this is the last’ for each one. I look forward to your new work ‘Saving Dapo’. kudos!

  5. Would u call the cloud above a sky? Would I call u a brilliant writer? Well,av been readin dis blog since march last year n uv spell-bounded me with ur writing skill. As much as u make me wana improve my writing much more do u make me doubt if ever can one come to the edge of perfection as ur writing is….if ur writing skill were a lady,I would call her nikki cos d beauty of it most is it afterwards- the behind cos it makes my thinkin. Brighter after readin…May God Bless Your Tribe

    1. Wow. Em.

      Honestly. I don’t know what to say – everything seems to come short. It’s all God – not me.

      But thank you. Thank you for the kind words. And please – keep writing. You’ve seen what I can do – the world is waiting for you.

      Don’t disappoint.

  6. The life in you is too lively to be ignored.I was looking at you yesterday with the way you handle your session in the course of a workshop yesterday in Yaba tagged:Writing beyond a hobby”

    All I observed was that you have all it takes to be the man everyone is looking for.

    Thanks for giving me hope that my hobby can transcends above the mockery of people who thinks writing is nothing but a waste of time. .



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