A Review: Hunter’s Game is the Future of Nollywood

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Okay. So you know I have a propensity for bias in this case. I love Ogechi – that shouldn’t be news to my constant readers. However, I will try to be honest and objective as possible – especially since she asked me to.


Hunter’s Game, as a lot of us know, was created by Ogechi in 2016 on her blog as an online series. Fast forward, to sometime in 2019 – and it’s a screen series. For now, a pilot has been shot and is available for streaming online.


See link after the jump.


I was privileged to see the pilot yesterday (Sunday) and I must admit; I was blown away.

Let’s just get into it.


Hunter’s Game Pilot – A Review

If you followed the series, you have a general idea where the story is headed. But for this review I’m going to stick to what is available on screen now. Hunter’s Game features OC Ukeje as Uzo, Ade Laoye as Leela/Yemi, Asa’ah Samuelas Gbemiga, Tope Tedela as Waheed, Ibrahim Suleiman as Nathan,  and Gideon Oghenetega as Mr. Taiwo. Hunter’s Game is what happens when story meets cast.

Magic is made.

Long story short, Uzo is our guy who is in love with a girl who’s name is Leela – or so he thinks at first. After an interesting sequence of events, he comes to find everything he knew about his parents; and the girl he was just playing I-love-you-talk-your-own with that morning, is a you-know-what.


HG Cast



My favorite thing about this work by my baby-baby is the cast. OC is really Uzo, that guy who refuses to accept what’s going on before his eyes as real – even though all five of his senses tell  him different. Cue the last lines of the pilot:


Hey baby, I’m so glad you’re here. Listen, I had a weird dream. Something happened; we got home and we saw….’


NOTE: That is not a word-for-word quote. Go and watch. I don’t do spoilers.


I have been hearing good/great things about Ade Laoye; the lady who plays Leela/Yemi.  I have not run into her before this and I must say; it is an epic introduction. The way she switches demeanor from sweet lover to serious agent to heartbroken damsel is impressive.

Tope Tedela’Waheed is the sabi guy, your guy who knows his way around the mean streets. I want to see more of dude; I want to see how his character expands as the series grows. I can say the same for Ibrahim Suleiman’Nathan; I want to see what he does with the character.

The story is tight and well narrated; the twists and turns are so unexpected – yet you would or should see them coming – if you’re the type that pays attention and follows dialogue.

I do have a couple of issues. A couple of scenes were too long, the camera was quite shaky and jerky in moments and overall, the film could have benefited from one more round of editing. However – all that are just notes in an epic opening. I didn’t watch it alone; I happened to watch along with some great company. At the end, after about ten seconds of overwhelmed silence, one of my co-watchers went;


‘Is that it? E don finish? Just like that?’


No. There’s more to come. Before long, production will begin on the whole series. I sincerely hope Ogechi and her team won’t have to recast anyone.

As a beginner; this pilot is a worthy watch. I am really proud.

As I said above, Hunter’s Game is available to stream online. Just follow the following steps:



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