Who Nudes ‘Epp?


I want to do small aproko and talk about nudes.


Yup. N-U-D-E-S.

As of this morning, I have yet to ask a woman (or a man for that matter) for nudes. Not because I’m a prude or anything close; after all my love for strippers is the stuff of legends, but because I don’t see the point.


They say men are visual beings. I’d say humans are. In other words, we are led by what we see – usually. I’d like to add a small caveat; moreso what we don’t – can’t see.

See, there’s a reason the show ends moments after the stripper is naked. The point has been made, move along, nothing more to see here – because, as it is in life, the journey is the focus, not the destination. It’s not as though the naked body is not an optical delight; not a lot of things illustrate God’s artistic side like the mountains and valleys and shades and hues of the human physique…


Yet, the purpose of a ‘nude’ is to suggest, to tease – not to satisfy.


Don’t do all the wahala. Leave a little something for the mind to nibble at, to work on. Imagination is stronger than reality, and in the words of the first ever stripper;


Less is more.

Good morning, fellow freaks.


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