Imagine you had a terrible fight with your significant other yesterday.

Imagine the fight was over something insignificant – but it was so bad the both of you said things you know well enough should never be said between acquaintances – how much more, lovers.

Both of you stormed away, agreeing for once after three hours of yelling that you were not working so it’s time to give it a rest. Of course, there was a little hurt in your chest area – but you didn’t care. That’s how disrespect starts in a relationship, you tell yourself.

Better to end it now.

Hours and a few drinks later, you have clarity you didn’t have in the heat of the moment. And then, it occurs to you you may have overreacted. You shouldn’t have said those things you said – more so because you didn’t mean them. You were just trying to hurt like you were being hurt.

So, you pick up the phone and call the most familiar number in the world. Your breath hitches as it starts to ring – and then, it’s suddenly unavailable. And so it is for the next one thousand and one times you try. In frustration you hurl your Techno Phantom into the wall and crawl onto your bed.

Tomorrow is another day.

Only – there’s no tomorrow – not for the both of you. You wake up hours later to the news of an exploded tanker and tens of cars caught up in the inferno. You grab your half-blind phone and hurry to Instagram – and it’s worse than you could have imagined. And then, shock turns to horror as you realize…

The one person you would have mourned with was in the blaze. And the last words y’all shared were not the kindest.

The phone drops from your shaking hand and lands facedown, completing it’s demise.

But you don’t notice. The last few hours play over and over in your mind…and suddenly, you begin to laugh. Crazy, maniacal laughter bounces off the walls of your room and vibrate against your ears.

However, you don’t notice.

Truth is, you’re probably past noticing anything.

Life is short. Make peace.

#NigerianLivesMatter #OtedolaTragedy #RestInPeaceToAll #BlackWeek #MourningAllDay

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