Coming To You Live: Trinity



So I have been working for a minute on a project that is quite dear to me – simply because it concerns my first love: comics. I collaborated with a couple brilliant people and together we created this piece of fiction; the preview of which I am so proud to share with you.

Without further ado:




Father Moses Shaw, a British spy, found religion after the Biafran War. Yet, he has since built the most formidable intelligence database on the African continent.


Zain Zubayr, driven, stylish and West Point-trained is Hausa royalty and a high-flying New York attorney who must return to Nigeria to investigate the lies surrounding the legacies of her slain father.


The Ghost is the aging, institutional enforcer of a century-old secret society allegedly founded by anti-colonialist hero, Herbert Macaulay. Haunted and hunted by his past, he pays penance as a ruthless vigilante on the streets of Lagos.


These three unlikely allies must face their demons while crusading against the overwhelming forces out to destroy an already divided nation.

This high octane conspiracy thriller is essentially the secret history of Nigeria, scribbled in blood and bile, chronicling a raging feud that threatens to consume this fragile union and its embattled, oblivious citizens as fresh elections draw near. Nothing is going to prepare them for the Red October Protocols.

Nothing can save them now.

‘Thunder will break, earth bind me fast. 
Obduracy, the disease of elephants.’ 
– Christopher Okigbo



Now enjoy the cover and first few pages off Trinity: Red October


Trinity Issue 1 Cover


Trinity Issue 1 Page 2

Trinity Issue 1 Page 3

Trinity Issue 1 Page 4

Trinity Issue 1 Page 5



Go download your free preview here now!



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