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A Crash Review: Spider-Man – Homecoming



Spiderman: Homecoming.


A good re-introduction to teenage Parker. A high-school melodrama, a coming-of-age movie of sorts. It’s bright, high-energy, fun and engaging all at once.


Fun fact: The initials of Spider-Man: Homecoming is ‘SMH’. Isn’t that interesting?


It is a good movie – but not a great one. I won’t be seeing it a second time.


EXCEPT…(Deoye, I’m looking at you)


Tom Holland is a good Peter Parker, an interesting Spiderman. He makes mistakes, is careless, reckless, excitable and overeager. However, while he’s a nerdy Parker, he’s not a bumbling, socially awkward one. He tries – but it’s glaring he’s trying. Did you see Andrew Garfield in the first Amazing Spiderman?


It would be hard to top that performance.


If you read the piece I posted here, I mentioned, among a number of other things, the casting of a black ‘Mary Jane’. I am happen to inform you, I was wrong. The character isn’t Mary Jane but –

Go watch jare!

By the way, is May – as in Aunt May unmarried? Where’s Ben? There isn’t a SINGLE mention of the reason Peter Parker became Spiderman.

Good or bad? You decide.

It was nice seeing Downey again. His arc as Tony Stark has come full circle. In a subtle way, becoming a mentor of sorts for Peter seems to have given him purpose and taken away some of the guilt that has been burdening him. He looks better than ever.

My favorite part came at the end. It’s not a dis – it actually comes at the end, and it has to do with a missing part of Stark’s on-screen life. A beautiful, stunning, loving, warm –

I screamed in the cinema. Trust me. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make me do that under normal circumstances.


Now, speaking of Marvel movies generally, they have a formula that has been working, so they keep doing it, and have Hollywood following that pattern these days.


It’s the ‘a-joke-every-two-lines’ ridiculousness.

A friend graciously shared an article with me, in which someone was praising Wonder Woman by taking shots at Marvel films – the part of Marvel movies I mentioned above. I didn’t agree with him because he did not sound objective – but I’m afraid he was right.
Marvel movies for the most part no longer have intense, emotional moments. It is ruined with a quip from Stark or a one-liner from Hawkeye. And what they’ve done, which Homecoming helped me realized is; they desensitized the audience.
‘Intense’ is now in the same space as ‘funny’.
Case In Point: there is a scene in Homecoming in which the bad guy traps Peter underneath some rubble (in the comics it is a now-epic fight in Doctor Octopus’ lab where he went to retrieve a serum for Aunt May). Peter frantically screams for help; he can’t lift tons of concrete. He gives up – and then, he remembers Stark doubting him, his own fears – and he lifts the rubble. And this is my point; at the point he was panicked and screaming for help, the cinema audience erupted in laughter.
Even though there isn’t a joke to be found in that scene, they were expecting one because that’s Marvel’s troupe these days – and so they laughed. And by so doing, missed a pivotal point in Spiderman’s journey.
So. By all means, see this one. However, grumpy old men won’t enjoy it.


PS: Guys, it has TWO post-credit scenes, so WAIT TILL THE END…unless dem off light for cinema!



3 responses

  1. Ufuoma

    Can you do a review on Wonder Woman? I would love to know what you think about the movie…

    July 13, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    • Hm.

      Didn’t like it much – but since you asked so nicely…

      July 13, 2017 at 12:06 pm

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