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Teenage Mutant Ninja Mayhem!


Just Because…





Happy New Year, Ogechi!



How you dey?


So because plenty of us have so much to say, ‘somebody’ decided to do this…

Me, I am just watching from the sidelines, hella proud to know someone like you.

Happy New Year, dear.


            A Public Holiday signifies a “day off” for “everyone” but not “everyone” observes the spirit of the holiday, because to some it is nothing more than a “day off” work. So Christians celebrate Easter while Muslims enjoy a “day off” and in the same way Muslims celebrate Salah and Christians enjoy the free time. Of course there is an exchange of ram and chicken here and there but all public holidays are in essence “privatized” based on the reason for the season.

We the “FRIENDS OF YOUGEE” (FOY from hereon) declare April 18th today and for all ages to come A PRIVATE HOLIDAY because the spirit of the one we celebrate is too bespoke that it cannot be publicised and those who would observe it will do more than just take the “day off”, they will take the day up, down, take it on and take it in and perhaps some will take it out because the reason for the season has given us the true definition of friendship!!! A true holiday! We pause to celebrate the living proof of comradeship! So April 18th is Happy UG DAY, it’s Happy Friendship DAY and it’s a “day off” from any worries, from any distrusts, from any betrayals, from any hurts, from any heartbreak, from any jealousies, from any enmity, from indifference, from quarrels, from fights, from anything against true friendship. TAKE THE DAY OFF!  On April 18th years ago, God gave the world its example in flesh and blood of what the most prized thing on earth looks like – A TRUE FRIEND. Joseph Addison is quoted as saying “the greatest sweetener of human life is friendship” and so we, the FOY declare that:

“A great sweetener of our lives is UGee”

You see, when George Eliot said Friendship is the “inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words”, he was referring to our very own Ogechi Nwobia. This beautiful chum! She bosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously and continues as a friend unchangeably! She is what William Penn calls A SPOT-ON FRIEND.

You still do not think you should take the day off?

Take Efe’s words for it: “She lights up any room she walks into”. Take Dickson’s words for it: “UG pimp pimp”. If you like, take Mrs Olumese’s words for it: “She is a big bundle of joy” or Buwa’s: “She’s my big sister…a sounding board…a voice of reason”. What about Tega: “She has charm in her…her aura…her personality…the vibe…it’s real”. Still don’t want to take the day off? Take Cynthia’s words: “She is an amazing spirit”. Hear from Tony: “She is super amazing…touches the soul…a bright light”. Umeh tries to summarize: “Ogechi is …goals…drive…beauty in…beauty out, soul”For Tayo: “She is a bundle of joy”. Ronnie certifies: “She brings something special”. “She is a breathe of fresh air” declares Nene. Unity and Abiodun acknowledge: “She is the life in her years”and even those who have never seen her like Kpemosi testify: “She meets you first with her great heart”and 2 lovers now joined in matrimony as The Okoros dare to say: She is beyond a friend… always lighting up people around…a sister” Still need more proof? Well Grace gives us: “She is a “Gee”… an undeserved listener…an unexpected help…an ever-available supporter” and let us quote Shekinah: “She connects…she is the thirst quenching waters to souls in need”

Why would you not take the day off to celebrate what is left of God’s love on earth. You must have heard of Henry Nouven. He says our UG is lasting because her true love is eternal. We have concluded that for the kind of energy, laughter and radiance of joy that Ogechi Nwobia possesses, she has to be drawing it from eternal source! We, the FOY, have come to agree that it is not HUMAN! And we can show prove it. First of all, it is said, “a friendship in which heart speaks to heart is a gift from God” and any who is honest to give account of their UG experience will meet her heart before her face! UG is God’s gift! The true gift that keeps on giving! She, this girl, will go out of herself, seeing and appreciating whatever is noble and loving in others. So I must agree with Aristotle when he says: A friend is a single soul in two bodies. We, the FOY declare that:

“Ugee’s soul is in all our bodies”

We all know C.S Lewis. He also had a thing to say on the April 18th matter! His opinion was “Ugee’s friendship raises us almost above humanity…. it is the sort of love one can imagine between angels” and it is the love April 18th has brought down for us. Still think this masterpiece of nature is not enough reason to take a private holiday today?

Make no mistake! Born today is our own taste of the love and friendship spoken about in storybooks, in Disney cartoons, in fantasies, in Heaven! That is why Shekinah is so thankful that she pours out her life. Grace is pausing her day to celebrate the ‘magnanimousity’ of her awesomeness! John recounts history and places her strong impression across the timelines of debate, choir singing and what not! Kpemosi celebrates her as a fellow dreamer who takes Nigerians personal! Biodun is too sure that better days are ahead for OluwaUG. Nene is so surprised how, in such a hurried world, people still exist who take the time to make others feel special. Nene stops to celebrate this “status quo challenger” and Ronnie is so happy to have her part of his gang. Tony has to pause because his one time salsa dance partner knows when to work, when to play, when to pray-every, in good measure. Cynthia has to stop her day because this inspiration has been a blessing to her. For Tega, He is taking a private holiday because finally he met the legend he had only the chance to skype with. Buwa is taking this holiday because this UG has walked him through the darkest days of his life to the extent that his own mother loves UG more than her son! But the son doesn’t mind because she keeps telling him to be strong when he may loose it. It’s a day off for Mrs Olumese because she has not met one so consistent, so supportive, so free spirited and so large hearted. A believer in people, she says. Mrs Ogechi’s private holiday would be spent celebrating the one who knows best how to celebrate others. Dickson is taking his day off because UG of destiny …UG money…is the reason that He will be in UK on a pin pin based on logistics from Newyork chilling J. Efe takes her day off because She could never ask for a better best friend because these sixteen years have been amazing. UG has been her rock more times than countable no matter the distance. She takes this holiday personal because She can always count on our celebrant to have her back!

Allow us, the FOY to tell you: UG’s love and the delights of her friendship have built so many enduring memories and these are hints, we believe, of the kind of treasures held up for us after this life. This woman, born this day, if you let her can search out the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. The truth is God does notice us, you and I. He watches over us. But it is usually through another person that He meets our needs. This lady we celebrate is one that God has worked through the most for us, FOY! She warms us by her presence, trusts us with her secrets and remembers us in prayers. She is to us, an image of God. 

In Galatians 6:2 It is written, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ”. No surprise that this lawyer fulfils the law! It is written in Proverbs 27:9, A sweet friendship refreshes the soul. It is no surprise that this author is a refresher. Buwa thinks UG should finish her novel this year by the way! Just putting it out there J.

For the Nigerian Dreamers, UG has taught us that She does not just gaze into our eyes, She may show great tenderness toward us, but what is more is that we face the same direction – towards common projects, interests, goals – above all, towards a common Lord!

One thing you should remember as you take your holiday is UG’s legacy:

“You cannot always have happiness but you can always give happiness”

Do you remember St. Thomas Aquinas? He said, “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendships” So whatever you are doing, consider this and pause a while. Take this April 18th private holiday to celebrate this sensational and dramatic woman. You see, just thinking about UG makes us FOY want to do a happy dance, because UG is someone who loves you in spite of your faults. With UG, we have a union of spirits and a marriage of hearts!

With these few words of ours, take the day off and celebrate UG! Celebrate friendship! Celebrate Energy! Celebrate Laughter! Celebrate Goals! Celebrate Literature! Celebrate Love! C’mon what is your excuse? You haven’t met her?



Chima and FOY

PS: Una don finis’?!

John Wick 3.



Sorry. No posters yet.





John Wick 2. I had been waiting for that movie for ten years. Abeg abeg. Allow me.

After all, is it your wait?

But really and truly, I kept hoping it would be shown in local cinemas. After seeing and hearing how much of a box office smash it was, my desire tripled. I really wanted to see it but no matter how intense it got, I never did myself the disservice of downloading a cinema dub or reading the plot on Wikipedia. I waited.

First time I saw it, I enjoyed it even though I thought it was slow.

The second time, I realized how good a movie it is. The reason I initially thought it was slow was because I couldn’t help seeing it in the shadow of the first one. My introduction to John Wick was as a force of nature; ‘a man of focus, a man of will and determination’ (yeah yeah, I roll my eyes too). The first film had a domino effect, things just kept happening.

The second took a while to build – but it was just as strong as; if not better than the first one. I love both though.

And now, I want to share thoughts on what will happen in the third installment. How did I know? Did I forget to mention I’m still personal friends with Keanu?

Yeah yeah. Kill yourself.

Now, the end of the sequel left me and my friend Keanu with a dilemma. I mean, *spoiler alert* he walks away, right? He walks away with his nameless, faithful dog with the entire Guild of Assassins after him.

“Tell them. Tell whoever is coming. I’ll kill them. I’ll kill them all.”

According to Winston the hotel manager, there are two rules that govern the world of assassins.

  • One; no business is to be conducted on Continental grounds.
  • Two; A marker has to be honored.

We know the second was created for the second film – but what does it matter?

Remember Ms. Perkins from the first film? She did the same thing Keanu did in the sequel; killed someone on Continental grounds. She was killed almost immediately afterward. Yet John got a one hour head start;



“You broke the rules, John. Your life is therefore forfeit.”

“So why aren’t I dead?”

“Because I deemed it so.”


It’s pretty clear Winston has a soft spot for Wick; in fact this is pretty much made evident in both films. Fantastic writing.

So where do we go from here, Keanu asked me.

Way I see it; there are only two possible outcomes:

  1. John Wick is killed. After all, he’s only one man. It’s nothing short of ridiculous to expect that he would be able to fight off all the assassins of the world. And let us not forget Common is still after him on a personal grudge level.


  1. He kills plenty of the assassins, but realizing they’re not going to stop, he comes back and kills Winston, destroying the assassins’ world from the inside.


  1. He runs to Africa to spend time with a certain friend of his *wink wink*. And then, the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) rises and threatens Winston, and Winston calls for Wick’s help, promising to re-induct him into the house – or let him go free.




Okay. So I said two and wrote three. Who’s counting?


Seriously though, the setup for sequels are clear through and through the movie. Something else I would like to see; John finding love again. It probably won’t happen because the writers would know, like I know and like you know that it is expected – and therefore will refuse to include it. But sometimes, clichés are just perfect. It depends on how they’re done.


I mean, don’t tell me you don’t know the entire John Wick thing is a cliché. I mean, professional gets tired of the game, finds love, wants out. He leaves and is happy for years – and then, some ambitious fool wants to kill him and accidentally kills his wife.


Not exactly, but close.


I like what they did though. They didn’t kill his wife, she died of an ailment – but then, they killed the dog his wife bought him as a reminder of her. So technically, they did kill his wife.


I know; pointless. I’m just saying though.


Anyways, we’ll have to wait for two years for the sequel. In the meantime, I want to go sip some palm wine with my ‘retired assassin’ friend. Who would have thought someone like John Wick would like palmie?

But then, when you think about it, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?




“So Seun, what did you say I should do in the next one?”


From Me To You.



Just In Case;

You’re having a rough day, and you’re feeling alone,

I’m having one too, that’s something we share,

Put out your hand, touch mine, just make it home,

Rest and try again; tomorrow’s always there



Just In Case;

You’re having a great one, I’ve had those too!

Remember for some of us, we don’t get to choose,

So say a word, share what you got – a laugh or time,

Our positions will change; that’s life! But we’ll all be fine.



Okay. Maybe not my best whatever – but you get the point. And that’s what’s important.

Nobody should be alone. And no matter what any of us is going through, nobody has to be.


Why Are We Depressed?


I was discussing with someone on Monday, on the prevalence of suicide and depression. He said its always been bad – but we didn’t know enough to do anything about it.


True; I said, but that’s only part of it. The other part is; we’re more alone now than ever.


Think about it. I grew up at a time when there were no cellphones. No Internet. There were Nitel and Nipost – and that was it. We actually had to look for each other to hear from each other. Boys would come to my house and vice versa if there was a party in the neighborhood. Trust me, if you invited one of us, you better be ready to host all of us. Those were the days of bathing in the afternoon, stealing mom’s perfume and walking around the area hoping to run into some fresh girl.


Yeah. The days of five aside every Saturday morning, church on Sunday and rice after church. The days of Christmas clothes and…


Now, we look for each other on social media. We take posts and tweets to mean the other person’s fine – forgetting sometimes that we’re so self-conscious we’d rather act like everything’s fine than be labeled attention whores. These days in which we’re all talking and nobody’s listening. I could be in a silo for days. Drinking aftershave and crying. How would you know? Why would you care?


I’m just saying. Reach out. Let’s go see a movie. Hang out. The beach. Walk. Eat Pizza – whatever. You don’t have to walk it alone. You don’t have to do it online either. Reach out. Sometimes, all we need is just a listening ear.


I got two of those. I’m sure someone close to you does too. How much talking do you think can fill all the ears you know? At the very least, send me an email via We can start from there.


Talk. We dey here.

Lẹbẹ: A Sign Of Things To Come.


Sometime In April…