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“A year ago yesterday you were wishing me a Happy Birthday,” you said to me with a smile – but somehow an accusation made its way into that smile.


Or maybe it’s my guilt.


Anywho. Better late than you-know-what, so I’m just doing this because – I want to.


I am proud of you. I hope that doesn’t sound condescending but it’s the truth. Growth is an integral part of life, and anything not growing is dead. I know where you’re coming from; I know how far you’ve come. I know you feel like you’re stuck in a place sometimes – it’s your imagination. Baby steps.


I know you enjoy your work a bit too much, so much so you forget to celebrate yourself. So this is me making an attempt to bridge the gap and celebrate you – because you deserve no less. Stop being so impatient with yourself! You’re moving; I wonder why it’s so hard for you to see it. I know a number of things you’ve conquered this year; things that felt like imagination last year. So why do you not see it?


Life is NOT a marathon; I know you know but you forget. I will remind you. Life is not a marathon, you are not whoever you’re comparing your life’s journey with this week, so chill. Take your time. It’s okay to flounder; it’s okay to miss your way sometimes. As long as you keep moving – that’s all that counts.


Anywho. I will remind you of these things as often as I can – so help me God.


Special is you, Michelle. No matter what you go through, do not let life, work or men turn down the volume of that smile.


Happy New One. And thank you for being.

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