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Blame Game


A hooker gets a call from her boy; “Hey lover,”

A man is thinking of cheating; he’s married to a banker

That’s the next thing, right? He’s had enough of anger,

Making a rope out of his own sins to hang her

Pushed my girl so far if she cheats, it won’t be cheating;

My neighbor loves his wife, but can’t stop the beating

Casualties of war; who’s to stop us bleeding?

Didn’t you buy the goat? Why complain about the bleating?

He just wants to get married man, fuck waiting,

All of his age-mates have done it na; haba wetin?!

Met a simple girl who just wanted the same thing;

Look at them now, omo love is a strange thing!

That’s how I cornered Moji, at the area block party,

Dancing, bumping grinding, I swear, that girl nasty,

I’m all well-meaning, so I followed her home,

In my last moments, I’m still thinking she likes me!

Bolarinwa is cheating on his wife with his daughter,

No need to hide; his wife is doing the pastor,

Someone will soon say the devil is doing the pastor

I guess Lucifer teaches doggystyle; Pastor, ride on!

My sins; I’m paraphrasing, my life; I choose to write on,

Deep like a forest path, walking with snakes and pythons,

No one to trust – it’s my fault? Okay! Right on!

Cast the first stone if you will – just choose the right one



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