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Monday Madness.

It’s on again.


I mean, it IS on, isn’t it?


I’m talking about that rat race we all are a part of. That mindstate that gets you up on days like this, saying – ‘Rise and Shine! It’s Monday Again!’


It IS Monday, isn’t it?


Any moment from now, the silence that permeates my entire existence right now will be irredeemably shattered. The violence of horns, the yelling of people, the screams of tires, the hustle and bustle of footsteps –


Thank God it’s Monday.


As you reconnect to everything you took a few days off from (I hope you had a chance to do that), don’t forget the things that really matter.


Family. Friends. Laughter. Joy. Smiles. Hugs. Kisses – Honest, Passionate Ones. Romance. Ice Cream (I’m on a diet – ugh!). Music. Faith – (belief in something other than yourself). Books. Movies. Memories. Moments.


Take some time out of your crazy week, and be grateful if you have any/all of these things. Life is short, live it all.


Peace and Love.










Tuesday Talk: The Hardest 9 – 5 Ever: Part I



I know what you’re thinking.




That’s the ‘perfect’ relationship, right? That’s what plenty people want, no? Someone to love, cherish and be with – for always.




At least, I know that’s what I want.

So I ask myself; ‘Seun, do you have ANY IDEA what it takes to build a relationship like that?’


‘I don’t know, honestly. Should I google it?’


And I do google it. And the ever-helpful Google comes up with over 30 million responses, detailing ways I can have a beautiful relationship.


And I’m sure you can guess some of what would appear on a lot of those lists. Trust. Openness. Honestly. Consideration. Support. Romance. Thoughtfulness. Affection.


The list goes on.

What a lot of those lists wouldn’t tell, however, is just how difficult it is to fit all of those things into a relationship.



What I mean is this: we all have issues. And if relationships were as easy as checking off a list, we would almost all be living ‘happily-ever-after’ lives right now.


But it isn’t. And we’re not.


However, I believe strongly that a beautiful, strong relationship is possible – as long as there are two people who believe the same, want the same and are willing to work for it no matter what. Anything is possible when you believe.


Now, how do you find someone who believes with you?


I doubt that’s a question for Google. Looking inward always help, looking inward and knowing one’s self as well as is possible is a huge step in the right direction. They say ‘when the student is ready, the master appears’ and I strongly believe that.



I don’t think we suddenly decide to make friends; we open ourselves up to life, experiences and friends come along by way of that. A romantic relationship shouldn’t be the same way, I believe if you do the things you love, enjoy living, have fun with yourself and friends, you’ll attract that kind of person who may just be your ‘forever and ever’.


As I once saw on a T-Shirt; ‘GET A LIFE!’



Everything good will follow.



Blame Game


A hooker gets a call from her boy; “Hey lover,”

A man is thinking of cheating; he’s married to a banker

That’s the next thing, right? He’s had enough of anger,

Making a rope out of his own sins to hang her

Pushed my girl so far if she cheats, it won’t be cheating;

My neighbor loves his wife, but can’t stop the beating

Casualties of war; who’s to stop us bleeding?

Didn’t you buy the goat? Why complain about the bleating?

He just wants to get married man, fuck waiting,

All of his age-mates have done it na; haba wetin?!

Met a simple girl who just wanted the same thing;

Look at them now, omo love is a strange thing!

That’s how I cornered Moji, at the area block party,

Dancing, bumping grinding, I swear, that girl nasty,

I’m all well-meaning, so I followed her home,

In my last moments, I’m still thinking she likes me!

Bolarinwa is cheating on his wife with his daughter,

No need to hide; his wife is doing the pastor,

Someone will soon say the devil is doing the pastor

I guess Lucifer teaches doggystyle; Pastor, ride on!

My sins; I’m paraphrasing, my life; I choose to write on,

Deep like a forest path, walking with snakes and pythons,

No one to trust – it’s my fault? Okay! Right on!

Cast the first stone if you will – just choose the right one


Wolverine III: Could Third Time Be The Charm Here?





A few hours ago, I was a geek again – if only for a few minutes.


The first trailer for the ‘final’ Wolverine movie (final in that this will be Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as the guy) was leaked released. And I can say; if the trailer is anything to go by, Logan will be Hugh Jackman’s legacy – as far as Wolverine goes.



The trailer was somewhat disappointing; up till now I thought it was going to be an adaptation of the Old Man Logan storyline. Written by Mark Millar, it tells the story of an aged Wolverine who doesn’t use his claws anymore after accidentally slaughtering all his teammates. The world has become run over by villains; and several characters appear in the story. That should have been the first red flag; FOX only has rights to the mutants.




One thing that has been conspicuously lacking in all the X-Men/Wolverine films is we do not actually get to know the character. Sure, we’ve witnessed how he became Wolverine (X Men Origins: Wolverine), how Sabre-tooth is actually his half-brother and how he killed his real and illegitimate father, groundskeeper of the Howlett household, Thomas Logan. We see how he and his half-brother become estranged because of said brother’s blood-thirst, we see how he quits and tries to live a normal life – we see how that works out.


And then, we see all the tragedy in the X Men movies (the deaths in The Last Stand seemed more like jokes to me), and how, after being forced to kill his one great love, Jean Grey (ala The Last Stand) he gets lost in the Australian mountains, living like an animal again while trying to forget her (The Wolverine). He falls in love again – but as usual, that one too is not meant to be.


The comics actually have a different and way sadder ending for that one.


Now, in spite of appearing in every X-Men movie and two of his, most of the details of his long, violent and unhappy life have been skimmed over. Wolverine has been around for a long time; he actually fought beside Captain America in the second World War. So basically we have a guy who has watched a lot of friends and lovers die; he has killed quite a few himself. Consider too; the first half of his life is a mystery to him, the final scene of Origins has him drinking in a bar, and the following conversation ensues with a barmaid:


Barmaid: What are you drinking to forget?

Wolverine: I’m drinking to remember.


You can imagine.

The movies glamorized the guy; made him tall (Wolverine is actually 5ft, 3in), a lot less dark and definitely less sexy. Considering that the comic version has slept with virtually EVERY female X Man, I have to say, the movie version is quite bland.


But then, the third solo movie is around the corner and I’m excited. I’m seeing a Wolverine whose healing factor is no longer as potent, a Wolverine now running around with another of his kids, a clone originally known as X-23 and then Laura Kinney, a female clone of his. The movie takes a number of liberties with the Wolverine mythos – like having Laura created in the future instead of now.



I know a trailer’s but a glimpse, but this looks to me to be Hugh’s finest performance as the ‘Ol’ Canucklehead’. This Wolverine looks world-weary; he looks like he’s about to fall over and die. He drinks a lot more, is untidy and ‘careless’.

But he willingly looks after Professor X who ironically has Alzheimer’s.

Isn’t life just somehow?

I’m really looking forward to the movie, and I hope Hugh finally justifies the role that made him a mega-star.




Logan in theaters March 3rd 2017.

Midweek Fix: The Silent Thief



I don’t talk about my father much.


There’s no particular reason – we don’t get along much. We never did, even though my mum and siblings were fond of reminding me that I am the one most like him. I guess everyone has daddy issues; I have mine just like everyone else. More than anything however; I owe a lot of who I am to him.


He taught me to love music, film and books. My father is the most widely-read man I know; and I do not say that lightly. His book collection (depleted for the most part now) was enough to make any book collector green with envy. I read Lord Of The Rings (the complete, ) at fourteen – not because I wanted to but because I got in trouble with my father, and that was my punishment.


I’ll tell you later.


Among many other things, my father taught me the value of time.





I was still in primary school when he would wake my sister and I up at five in the morning. We would join him in the basement, work with him for an hour then go get ready for school. We were out of the house by seven.


In the evenings when he got home, he would sit us down in front of his 8-track reel-to-reel record player, play a Bob Marley record or Fela or Jim Reeves or Dolly Parton or Abba or any of his thousands of records and ask us to listen. After listening to a song, he would turn it off and ask if we understood what said song was about.


If You Ever Saw One Of These As A Child, Hi Five.

If You Ever Saw One Of These As A Child, Hi Five.


I’m sure today’s ‘enlightened’ world would see waking up a child at four/five am to work for an hour as abuse. I didn’t – and I still don’t. Those times instilled in me an appreciation for time, for moments and how important they are, the value of hard-work and how something is worth nothing if it isn’t worth your all.


One of the greatest challenges I’ve had to overcome as a creator is procrastination.





There’s this ‘short attention span’ ‘I-can-always-do-it-later’ bone that seems to grow in the heads and heart of creative people. They/we spaz out at every opportunity; zone in and out of conversations, can hardly sit still through a romantic movie. If it’s not thrilling, exciting, exploding, funny – count us the hell out.


Well. For the most part.


It’s almost counter-intuitive. Creative people have some of the most ‘boring’ jobs – sit behind a desk and stare at a computer screen for hours and you’re the one doing what you’re looking at on the screen. Before long, restlessness sets in and we’re looking for some stimulation, some excitement. We binge watch Luke Cage, drink Alomo and Red Bull and download porn like it’s going out of cyberspace.





Well. For the most part.


There’s that habit of constantly standing up in the middle of work, taking a stroll, a smoke – whatever keeps us continuously motivated. I mean, can you imagine how much progress a writer would make if he sat at his desk and did nothing but type for six hours straight?


But how many of us can do that? There’s always something interrupting. Phones ringing. Facebook buzzing. Messenger pinging. WhatsApp vibrating. Twitter mentioning.


And time crawls away from us inexorably.


Discipline is of the utmost importance. Discipline is key to almost anything – anything can be done or had with discipline. And that is probably the most important thing my father taught me; discipline.



discipline_by_molotov_arts-d4r7227 discipline-is-just-choosing-between-what-you-want-now-and-what-you-want-most discipline-is-the-bridge-between-goals-and-accomplishment


I can go on and on – but the thing is this; it’s the only way to get anything done. Set reasonable goals. Make realistic targets. Buckle down – and get to cracking.


Either you will or you won’t.


There are no guarantees. No certainties – well; except that none of us is getting out of here alive. You know this. I know this. We all know this.


So what the fuck are we standing around waiting for permission for?





all images courtesy Google. Images remain the rights of the copyright holders which; in this case is not me. Be advised.

Monday Motivation: Jay Z




These days I need a lift.


I find myself staggering between complete mental fatigue and an overdose of adrenaline. It’s a cycle that leaves me constantly burned out for days, no matter what I’ve been getting up to – and it’s so hard sometimes when I just want to get up too.


Music helps. A lot.


And I ‘met’ the man up there through his music – but I’ve become a fan of the man himself. There are so many lessons I’ve learned from him, so many thoughts on love, life, death, war, money, power, relationships, God – I could go on for a while.


There’s a line from one of his many songs where he says;


‘Hustle ’caine/hustle clothes/or hustle music/

Just hustle hard in any hustle/that you pick’


That line echoes in my head whenever I get tired or want to start something new and I’m unsure about it. And one thing – completely unrelated to the lyric, and yet which I learned from it is working hard is entirely different from working smart.


It’s one thing to be busy; it’s another thing entirely to be productive. I’ve had to learn to check myself, calm a lot of reckless impulse and instead, think things through before I lift a single finger.


I also know enough to know enough people who just sit all day planning and planning – and never do anything. The trick to navigate life, as I know for now, is to find balance. Between head and heart. Between hard work and smarts. Between flying and staying grounded.


And there are a lot of ways I find my way around this world – this almost meaningless existence. Education. Books, Conversation. Faith. Focus. Discipline. The Bible. The Quran. Prayer. God. Friends.


And sometimes, some Jay Z music helps.


How do you do yours?

Update: A Story Wars Scholarship


Just Because…