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Stephen Is King

Isn’t he though?

the underline academy


Stephen Is King


I know I have a ways to go. In fact, as far as writing goes, I haven’t even started.

Literally speaking, I’m the kid who just finished reading a run of The Punisher comics. He (the kid) doesn’t exactly agree with the vigilante’s style of justice; he was raised by God-wearing parents, but he understands Frank Castle’s pain. The kid is just fourteen but he can understand how losing one’s family can drive one to near insanity. He looks at his father and silently swears to kill the man the next time he raises his hand against the beautiful woman who bought him the Punisher comics; same woman who just bought him a sheaf of A4 papers and new pencils so he can practice his drawings.

But tonight; something else is on the kid’s mind.

He/I pick up a pencil and with its sharpened tip I…

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