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Clueless The EBook Now Available




If you’ve been around the past few weeks, you would have noticed the premiere and then sudden seizure of a certain series…


Clueless? Well, remain so no longer. There’s good news!


Tomi, writer of Clueless decided to put it together in an ebook and make it available for purchase online.


Hear Tomi:


Hello everyone,

So we have been airing Tomi Adesina’s #Clueless in the past weeks;  Thank you so much for following and your support.

The complete book is available for download on Okadabooks for 500Naira. Click here

For those who can’t purchase via Okadabooks, please send a mail indicating interest to purchase to and we would direct you. You could also send a WhatsApp message to 08075750609

Finally, don’t forget to share and join in the online discussion across social media.

Sample: I am Sharon and I just downloaded #Clueless by Tomi Adesina (@tomi_adesina) Download here:

Don’t forget to share to a book lover. Thank you!


To be Clear(er):


To Buy Clueless On OkadaBooks:





To Buy Clueless Elsewhere:




Stop being Clueless. Own the Book.


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