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The Cunning Linguist




He said;

‘Don’t make her promises you can’t keep brother,”

I said;

“I’m a keeper, that’s the only promise I make her.”




The Maker;

Make her oiled up like the Delta;

With skilled words that penetrate steel doors

down to her center;

Her core; the koko I plunge into; a swimmer,

Don’t come up for air till her shaking’s over

Her left leg is helter; the right one is skelter,

When I’m done in between ‘em, she’ll have to stagger for shelter

Breakfast of breastesses, dinner of _____

Bend her over till there’s pain in her chest from angina

With a little rain; her breath I make hotter than a sauna

Got her breathing hard like she’s trying to climb Oke Sunna.




Because I lift her up; she’s now my ‘down-for-whatever’,

Whatever, however, any weather I got her




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    July 25, 2016 at 5:49 pm

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