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Spotlight: Another BOOOOOM! Review




So I had another writer friend write a review for BOOOOOM! and just like the name of the book, he gets right into it.


His name is Soogun Omoniyi. He’s an awesome writer.




This is what he thought:


One striking feature of this book is its Nigerian feel. You cannot miss it; from the names and nicknames, to the theatrics, to the locations, to the strange jobs that can only be found in Nigeria. It portrays a brilliance that will not just make a native appreciate the country’s rugged beauty the more, but also put an I-want-to-run-home-now kind of smile on the faces of those in diaspora, and invite inquisitive foreigners.

Talking of the rich setting and characters; they didn’t for a second make me lose focus of where I was. For one who reads lots of foreign books, it can be quite easy to unconsciously slip in and out a foreign land. For Booooom, it’s almost impossible for that to happen; not with Langbe, the carefully created bus conductor, or the Market Woman- who drops you in a typical Nigerian market and its many struggles.

Everything just clicks. 12:15 pm, the perfect chronology from all perspectives is classic. I’ve seen this only in a couple of movies. Yes movies; Booooom is a kind of book that will make a hell of a movie if handled by solid hands.

I don’t think a book can be more real and palpable; though I felt some parts a little bit overdone- too much description. It was like having my favorite meal shoveled down my throat in excessive quantities. But who cares? I love eating it; some may choke, but I love eating.

The blend of humor and sadness did it for me. However, I craved deeper sadnesses whenever they appeared. For instance: The old man- I couldn’t get myself to feel the sorrow as much as I’d have loved to, I just read the words and tried to invoke some sadness. For the humorous parts, I didn’t have to invoke nothing, the laughter/smile just came with the words. Naturally. I guess I’m a sadness addict- hard to please and always wanting more.

Yes, Booooom is not directed at being didactic, but if you’re the kind of reader that sees something in everything, it won’t be so difficult to figure out the lessons embedded in a few places at Sunshine bus stop.

Finally, I think the aim or one the aims of Boooom was achieved- Create a bomb blast and task/mess with the reader; while doing that, give a peek into the poignant lives of some of the characters, subtly providing reasons why they may want to die. This was attained in style. I really love.

I prayed and longed for a wow. I got it. I mean, who could have thought that. One thing though; I wished the ‘wow’ had me flipping back the pages. I wished the perpetrator came somewhere at the beginning or in the middle. I wanted the so-I-passed-this-and-I-didn’t-see-it! kinda feeling.”


Thank you plenty, Soogun.


In case you’re yet to read BOOOOOM!, grab your copy here now:



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4 responses

  1. Nice review. Would sure go read the book.
    Thumbs up Seun.

    May 17, 2016 at 2:00 am

  2. Downloaded. It looks interesting. A carefree read; one i would be happy to flip through. Spot on!

    May 17, 2016 at 2:02 am

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