But I Love You – Stories That Touch

But I Love You

I know that doesn’t change anything

Doesn’t change the bullshit I did

Doesn’t erase the crap I put you through

But I love you; I do

Even my Twitter knows

I don’t know if you notice,

But I’m not on Twitter much

And when I am,

everything stops

I try to flirt with some of the other girls

Like magic; your handle pops up

I can’t go on

I just log out

Sometimes I want to scream and shout

The memories are stalking me, I’m asking how

Can I just delete that last thoughtless tweet?

But I love you; I do

Even my Facebook knows

Now, Facebook I do more of;

Because I’m with people I know much of

So we banter, argue, talk, discuss

And as it is with Twitter your face comes up

Doesn’t help that we share plenty friends

Not to mention how they keep tagging us with their pens

Their poems, stories and stuff like that

A couple even add us to groups; my bad!

But wait – should I have unfriended you

Acted like you’re some stranger I never knew?

Gone around my business like nothing happened?

Make you disappear in the haze of some spliff?

Make it look like it was my choice we split?

Vodka to the brim; several stiff drinks

Plus several lips can’t erase the memory of one kiss

And I love you; I do

Even my Smartphone knows

Like the way you hypnotized my friends and family

Even my phone treats me like I’m the enemy

It saved all your texts in a backed-up back up memory

It did that before I could delete any

When I call a girl; the network stops

I blamed MTN; I thought my credit was bust

Then I realized; female calls don’t come thru

The only one I can call is you

I don’t see texts from other girls

Innocent or not, bloody phone doesn’t care!

But how can I explain the choice you made?

To leave me – to leave us; a chorus with no refrain?

Still I love you. I do

Even YouTube knows

Saw a video of you at some seminar

Even better than that; you were the guest speaker!

So I watched, watched and watched again

Like I’m enjoying the pain of feeling crushed; again

But the thing is –

The thing is, since then I cannot use YouTube

On ANY system; from Lagos to Accra too;

When I open the page; this is kinda freaky

That  video comes up; believe me

I’m watching something else; it’s in the corner waiting

And because of your face I cannot resist clicking

Coincidence I thought; science can explain everything

Till the same thing happened on a friend’s Smartphone in Britain


I do love you; I do

Everyone knows.

The thing is; do you?

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9 thoughts on “But I Love You – Stories That Touch

  1. How you are able to transport us from this page to the scenery of a lover boy in pain after losing the love of his life is a rare gift.
    I hate that the journalist in me wants to get to the bottom of this story, I fear you will tell me it’s only fiction. Whatever it is, you do it justice in your storytelling.
    It also makes me want to pray for any or every hurting soul over the loss of a lover either to life or death; I pray you find joy in everything else so that the nights become bearable without a glass full of ethanol in any form, and that you find love again so that you will realize God has got you.

    Thank you for this Mr Seun, I pray God will reward you bountifully for all the good work you do on and with his platform.

      1. Awwwww. How touching.
        Me sef can’t wait to come back o, if only for better ofada rice sef…lol

  2. Seun. This was another metaphysical expression. Oh, how you just spoke through me now… succintly capturing my plight. No better way to resolve “this perennial conflict” that has beset me. I will steal these lines. This is pragmatic… not just a poem. It will surely address my present predicament in my love web. This is the panacea. Nagode Seun.

    Flight Lieutenant Alexander.

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