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Movie Review: Walk The Road of Yesterday Today

Okay. I admit. I have missed Genevieve. The last time I saw her on screen was the movie Ije – and that was a big deal to me because it featured Omotola too. But she (Genevieve) had enough time to herself on screen, so there was enough to last me for a while.
So I have been getting high off fumes from Ije for almost three years. Of course, I didn’t realize it till I was watching her latest effort, Road To Yesterday.



Imagine that.


Road to Yesterday is based on a story by Genevieve herself, with screenplay by Ishaya Bako (who also directed) and Emil Garuba. A story about a dysfunctional marriage, Road to Yesterday is a sure tear-jerker for the weaker person; male or female.


Victoria (Genevieve) returns from a trip to the UK for her husband’s uncle’s funeral. There is some undisclosed tension between Vicky and her hubby Izu (played with stiff detachment by Oris Ehuero); some issue Victoria keeps asking them to talk about. She arrives the house, offers to cook the man dinner. He not only shuns her, he walks out of the house and tells her to be ready by six the following morning, when they’ll be driving down to Izu’s village for the ceremony.




The trip starts earlier than anticipated, with Izu returning from a night drinking with the boys. Vicky insists on driving; he surrenders the car keys and they start to leave.


How they got their luggage into the car is beyond me. But I digress.


Their journey is interspersed with flashbacks; how they met, how they started dating and how much of the typical male Izu was. What is good for the gander is good for the goose apparently; as she steps out on him on the night of her birthday because she had gone to his office earlier to meet him wrapped around his secretary.
Excuse me; but this is a much-required digression: I need to sit with our esteemed Nollywood actors; because they apparently are the only males in the world who can make women moan and scream just by burying their faces in their necks. I mean.


That’s an art I must learn. End of digression.


So; Vicky stepped out on Izu on her birthday night, with her friend’s cousin who had introduced her to Izu in the first place; with devastating consequences. Izu comes to his senses and asks Vicky to marry him the morning after.


But some things cannot be changed; as we found out.




It’s a depressing movie; with the ambiance and dialogue and everything pointing towards impending doom. You keep getting the feeling that the characters are heading for some kind of irredeemable end- yet you cannot stop watching.


Product placements are in a couple of scenes, but if anything they enhance the story very much unlike we’re used to; like watching a full-length Glo ad in a movie by a certain renown director. The scenes are well-shot, camera angles are smooth and sleek. It is definitely a visual candy.


Long, and in some cases unnecessary scenes and stiff, choppy dialogue makes the movie a slow meal – but like mentioned before, camera angles, sharp editing and almost-flawless acting more than make for the lapses. Chigurl shines; once again as Vicky’s bosom pal and ride or die chick. A cute little girl plays Genevieve’s daughter – and they combine to make Road to Yesterday a memorable, if sparse watch.
Road to Yesterday is showing at Ozone Cinemas at the following times:
Show Times:
Fri-Thur: 5:15pm


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