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Five Ways Batman Is More Badass Than Iron Man



Comic book superhero fanboys are quivering with excitement. I know; I am one.


2016 brings with it a couple of the greatest superhero movies any fan can hope to see – Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War in which Robert Downey Jr. gets to reprise his role as the armored avenger; again, and there’s that Suicide Squad with Will Smith baba!


Oh joy!

But before that; can we have our own legendary face off (not)?




Both are billionaire playboys. Both are orphans. Both are really cool superheroes.

But who do you think takes the ‘superhero cake’ – Batman or Iron Man?

For the sake of clarity and easy understanding; this ‘facticle’ is based on the strings of movies produced by DC Entertainment Legendary Pictures (for Batman) and Marvel Studios (for Iron Man/Avengers) and released from 2005 through to 2015.

None of their respective comics are referenced.

Now that is out of the way…


Five Reasons Batman Is More Badass Than Iron Man

1. Batman is the More Realistic Superhero.
Let’s face it – the entire superhero thing is far-fetched – at least for the nearest foreseeable future (even though there was news a couple years ago about some superhero patrolling the streets of Chicago) – but Batman is about the closest thing to a true-blue life-sized superhero we have.

Never mind that Kick-Ass fellow.

Iron Man on the other hand is less far-fetched than Superman – but definitely way out on a limb compared to Bats. A man in a personal flying suit? The closest thing we have to that is Michael Jackson’s jetpack – and he almost caught fire flying in it.
Trust me; you can be Batman. You just need an obsession, a high tolerance for pain –
And it doesn’t hurt to be worth a gazillion billion dollars either.


2. Batman Kicks Ass. Literally.
If you followed the first movie in the Dark Knight trilogy closely, you’d see Batman – or rather Bruce Wayne (portrayed by Christian Bale) getting his tush kicked time and time again by ninjas, martial artists and even convicts. Follow a bit longer – and you’ll see him constantly and consistently lay down the smack on bad guys – from corrupt cops to drug dealers.

Bats is a thoroughly physical hero.

Iron Man/Tony Stark (portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.) flies up and down, points his palm and shoots. Wonder why some bad guy didn’t think to rig a giant magnet or something – and then blow him up. It would have been that easy.

You can tell a lot from a hero’s choice of bad guys, no?

Which leads us to;


3. Batman’s Bad Guys Are Way Cooler
You can judge a man by the quality of his enemies; fact.
Remember the final, genre-defining, Oscar-winning performance of heartthrob Heath Ledger? How about the whisky-leaking gruesome mask that was one-half of Aaron Eckhart’s Two Face’s face? How about Uncle Liam Neeson’s Zen-philosophy spewing genocidal maniac? Another thing entirely fascinating about Gotham’s Caped Crusader is his Rogue’s Gallery – his collection of baddies. They range from the strange to the macabre to the downright crazy.


Iron Man’s enemies – at least as far as the movies are concerned – can be summed up in four words;
Robot. Robot. Exploding Man. His own ego.


The Mandarin (seen in Iron Man 3) would have been a colossal success but for the twist introduced – the President-threatening terrorist was nothing but a patsy – a drug-using washed out actor. Maybe the twist worked for the fans but against Bats?
Rust Bucket.



4. Batman is Driven, Obsessed and Haunted
All necessary recipes of success; if you have something to prove.
When he was barely a teenager Bruce Wayne watched his parents gunned down right in front of his eyes. This trauma made him decide to become a vengeful character preying on the criminals of his home city. He spent years honing himself to physical and mental perfection, is a detective bar-none and has a really cool car. Rachel Dawes, love interest in the first movie touches Bruce’s face and says, “This is your mask. Your real face is the one the criminals fear.”
How’s that for disclosure?
Compared to Tony Stark’s epiphany, Batman’s origin story is the stuff of nightmares.


5. Batman Has The ‘Tall, Dark And Handsome’ Thing On Lock
There’s no other hero who fits that bill better than Batman. Dark, mysterious, a freaking unstoppable force of nature with just the right sprinkling of psychopath to keep things interesting. Who else but Batman could seduce two femme fatales in the space of one movie?
Besides, just scroll through Bruce Wayne’s conquests in the first, second and third movies and compare with Tony Stark’s. Seriously – just to prove a point he ‘absconds with an entire Russian Ballet’. Who else but Wayne?
Mysterious? Check. Only a handful of people know Bruce Wayne is Batman’s civilian identity. On the other hand, Tony Stark; at the end of the first movie goes on national TV and blurts; “I am Iron Man.”
Takes the fun out of things does it not?


Bonus Fact: Batman Has More Impressive Toys
Check out the Batmobile – called ‘the Tumbler’ for the Dark Knight Trilogy. Wipe the drool and then peep the Batpod – a bike you don’t actually need to turn to navigate. The tires spin – and help change your direction. How about the Batplane (though I think it’s a bit childish to name all your things after bats)? Remember the red carpet scene in The Dark Knight Rises – in which paparazzi are all over your favorite vigilante after no public sighting of him for eight years? What does he do? Pull out a particular doohickey and poof! All cameras are on the fritz!
We know Iron Man can build most of anything from anything – but what do we actually see him build in the movies? What are his toys like?



In movies or comics – or anywhere else, Batman still remains the number one comic hero – actually has been for a number of years. Another fun fact: Batman always wins.




What do you think? Do you agree Batman is better than Iron Man – or you have a contrary opinion? Let us know in the comments!




*image credits – Google


8 responses

  1. I found myself laughing out loud as I read this. Leave Iron Man for us o. We like him like that. Hahaha. But seriously I don’t know why, but I like Iron Man.

    December 2, 2015 at 9:27 am

  2. I think Batman always wins, so yes, he’s better than ironman.

    December 2, 2015 at 10:26 am

  3. Batman is cooler , calmer and more collected than ironman.

    December 2, 2015 at 12:13 pm

  4. I would certainly bet on the Dark Knight. He is way more interesting in everyway even in the movies. Like you affirmed the characters in Batman are out of this world e.g The Joker….Iron man can be a bit boring…Nice one bro…

    January 22, 2016 at 12:33 pm

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