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Fool’s Gold



She said, barely moving her lips of red;

“Come away with me, my darling,”

Come away.

Just for now, right this minute,

Come; till time loses all meaning,

Don’t think, don’t plan, don’t wish,

Just come.”

And he fought; a valiant battle – he lost,

Eyes dimmed by death once shined with lust,

“Maybe I should just go,” he thought

Maybe with her he could find the peace he sought

And they needed each other; just not how they thought,

He wanted to die; she wanted to live

Trapped in a marriage with a behemoth;

Of all the ways out she sought, none worked;

Till murder seemed the only option

He; a soldier, death was his business,

The only thing he knew was violence

He thought her his sunbeam in a valley of death;

How right he was!

Bu wrong; she was but his sunbeam of death

They left; hand in hand

Singing songs of love, so grand

Alas; that was the last time I saw them,

Which is why; right now I’m writing a requiem.




image by jack ducurleo. courtesy Google

                                                              image by jack ducurleo. courtesy Google

“What are we all – but fools in love?”



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