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From Tomi Adesina : Her Lines.



Personally, it still amazes me just how much women put into their hair and so on. I think somewhere along the lines someone (maybe a man; after all ‘they’ blame ‘us’ for every little issue) told women that their hair is a crown for their heads – and that it has to look as oyinbo-like as possible. I mean, what do you think inspired Chris Rock’s documentary about the same issue?


Apparently his daughter had come home one day weeping. And when he asked what the problem was; she answered with a question;

“Dad, why do I have bad hair?”

Apparently if your hair isn’t ‘oyinbo’; if it isn’t fried and roasted you have bad hair. Heh.


But this isn’t about Chris and his daughter. No. This about that famous screenwriter Tomi Adesina, who decided to do something for the ladies – and speak about hair and related issues.


Inhale. Hold.


Now read on.


Her Lines (The Docudrama)

Writer: Tomi Adesina

Director: Tomi Adesina

Producers: Michael Tayo Babalola & Tomi Adesina

Cinematographer: Omobolaji Opakunbi

Genre: Docudrama

Media & Distribution: YouTube (Online platform)

Production Company: BlueHouse Films




Her Lines tells a story poetically in visual form which shifts focus from the diversity and versatility of the human hair and advocates for acceptance from within. It abstractly explains perception of the human mind and subtly re-emphasizes the sole essence of self-acceptance.

Written and directed by Screenwriter and popular fiction series blogger, Tomi Adesina of Dear Future Husband, All Fun and Games, Hearts and Homes and currently the popular Legal blog drama Fola King, Her Lines is a docudrama that follows the journey of three ladies in relation to their hair and beauty, a reflection about their identities and self-perception of the world at large. Creative Photographer, Michael-Tayo Babalola co-produced the docudrama with Tomi Adesina.

The hair was styled by Olufunke Williams and Dolapo Morakinyo was the make-up artist on this project.

This docudrama stars Faith Anny, Joy Ugochukwu and Grace Ogedengbe. The docudrama was produced by BlueHouse Films.

Watch the teaser video here:

Her Lines is scheduled for release on September 28, 2015 and would be available for download via BlueHouse Films official YouTube channel: Please subscribe by following the link to direct you to the YouTube channel; then click on subscribe.

Join the conversation on Social Media by using all or any of the following media:

Twitter: @bluehousefilms #HerLines

Instagram: @bluehousefilms



Now exhale.


So – what do you think about our hair? How do you feel about yours? Do share in the comments!


Have a great week.




3 responses

  1. According to Randall and Botchkareva,(2003), the hair on the scalp prevents sunlight, cold and physical damage to the head and neck. In other words your hair type is dynamically formed (by your creator who knows what is best for you) to suit your environment.

    Your hair is your identity, it tells so much about who are, where you are from, reveals your self acceptance and state of self (I certainly know a contented person by their hair do. Likewise, a neat organised person too).
    Is your hair ‘fro, keep it ‘fro, love it and wear it with pride.
    Is your hair straight, keep it straight, love it and wear it with pride.
    Loving your hair is loving you.
    It is loving who you are.
    Personally, my journey to self discovery started with my hair-esteem.

    September 23, 2015 at 12:49 am

    • Hmmm.

      Nice. Thank you for sharing!

      September 23, 2015 at 1:45 am

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