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I Die A Killer


The day was cloudy and gloom – reminiscent of his mood.

It was a good day to kill.

He didn’t much go for the idea of performing his duties in the dead of night. Too many things could go wrong. Besides, these days with all the streets having some sort of security – from OPC to uniformed guards and in some cases; the police, getting in and getting out might be an issue.

But in broad daylight it was easier. Go in, do the job, come out and blend with the one thousand and one faceless hustlers trolling Lagos streets.

And another million in the account. Easy.

But as he watched the house he was headed into from the store window opposite, Seyitan couldn’t quite disperse the gloom hanging over him. He thought it was the weather – and then he realized it wasn’t just that.

Something no pure about this one; he thought.

He drank from the Orijin bottle and smacked his lips. And then, feeling his waist for his G43 Glock 9mm, he crossed the street and into the building, negligently tossing the bottle in the dustbin in front of the store.

The smartly-dressed security guard opened the door, waved him inside without checking for ID or anything – and then closed the heavy metal door behind him. He made his way into the lobby –

And he realized his instincts were right. They were waiting.

The first thing he saw were two heavily-armed soldiers leaning against the far wall of the lobby, making small talk and eyeballing him with hard, bloodshot eyes. On the raised landing in front of the target’s office, three guys in suits and shades that looked like wannabe CIA spooks were lounging – they couldn’t be any more obvious.

They hadn’t noticed him yet.

Damn that Collyde guy!

He knew his only chance of making it out was the element of surprise. Why they weren’t arresting or shooting him yet he didn’t know – but he would capitalize on that. With a grunt, he whipped out his pistol and shot both army guys in the head.


They went down smoothly – like they were taking orders to fall like a log. The suits scrambled for their guns; but only one succeeded in getting his out.

And it did him no good.

Six more times the gun in Seyitan’s hand coughed, six more times as he executed his would-be executioners with a move he learnt in a Keanu Reeves movie; one for the heart and one for the head.

He didn’t miss.

Jumping to the landing, he kicked the door open and dived onto the floor, expecting a rain of bullets.

He needn’t have bothered. The target, a slim light-skinned man in a business suit was cowering behind his desk, blabbing incoherently into a phone he could barely hold. He froze as he saw the killer rise from the floor – and he dropped the phone, raising both hands in supplication.

Seyitan shot him in the head.

As he made his way out of the door, something white-hot lodged in his neck – and then echoes of a gunshot rang in his ears. He fell forward, gun coming free of his loose grip. He held his neck as his lifeblood ran out – and as his sight dimmed he wondered who had shot – who had killed him.

Who did I miss?

His fast fading sight identified his killer – a killer whose shaking hands dropped the still-smoking pistol, Seyitan died with a smile on his lips at the ridiculousness of the situation – having not died from the hands of soldiers or professional bodyguards…

But at the hands of a bloody secretary.

It was a good day to die.


Pencils by my man Collyde Prime. Second story Inspired by his ‪#‎50DaysCharacterSketches‬ series on Facebook.



6 responses

  1. Richard nnaife osemeka

    This is an excellently thrilling write-up,love it.

    August 27, 2015 at 2:02 pm

  2. Steve

    Damn, this is lovely.

    August 29, 2015 at 2:57 pm

  3. this is delicious….

    August 30, 2015 at 8:06 pm

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