Things change. Things are different now.

They are not what they used to be

Between you and me

At best, I’m the lingering aftertaste of sour milk

At best, you’re something to scratch – an itch

Wish we could go back? Too late. I’m hitched

Wish we could go back. To that, at least.

At ease.

No. I really don’t wish.

It’s a waste of time – time I have not to give

To I open my journal, let my pen shed tears

Because my eyes are stingy; no water with which to grieve

That’s why I don’t do closed doors – my life is out there

In here? It’s too cold and warm

Perfected the art. I already have.

Now I can’t wait for us to take it back to the start.

When we were strangers.

photo courtesy the recording evolution


11 thoughts on “Differences

  1. Gosh! I know this feeling…
    i want a distance of a life time between us.
    Memories erased and
    to go back to unknowing you!

    *cough cough, obviously this part of the poem is about me and my ex

  2. “Now I can’t wait for us to take it back to the start.
    When we were strangers.”

    Apt. My thoughts exactly. I want to press the forward button, y’know.

  3. It’s only a wish…
    How about letting go of the hurt? Learning from the mistakes and then moving on without the heavy weight of bitterness and regret?
    Me thinks that’s better…

    Nice one Oga Seun

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