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Spotlight: Entourage The Movie


Disclaimer: This piece is only for people who followed Ari and E through 95 episodes of the HBO TV series Entourage. If you have no idea who/what that is, you might experience mild feelings of confusion, schizophrenia and frustration.



Please, add watch a movie in a two-hundred seater cinema all by myself to your list of ‘things-to-do-before-I-die’ if you haven’t.

Hold that – and hold on to it. Before I’m done, you’ll see what I mean.

My introduction to Entourage was in the line of duty – so to speak. It was sometime in 2012 and I was flown down to Abuja to work on this Television series idea this young studio executive had. Part of the stuff he gave me to study?

Entourage and Game Of Thrones.

I loved Entourage immediately – me and millions other people evidently. Turtle was and still is my favorite guy, I thought Drama was a big baby, Vince needed to grow up – and E needed to settle down.

Fast forward to 2014. The script I worked on had become a telemovie (Learning Curves on EbonyLife TV), I was a full-time writer and about to publish my first book.

And then I heard about a trailer for Entourage the movie.

I won’t lie. I was scared. Would their stories translate well to the big screen? How will they interprete it – take us back to the beginning or just tell a story about a phase in the life of these four guys?

Well, allow me say again in case I wasn’t clear the first time – If you have no idea what Entourage is/is about, Google the damn thing. It’s worth ya time.

The movie is not a stand-alone something – which means if you’ve never seen an episode of the series it most likely will make little sense to you. Which is where I start my complaints about the film.

It literally picks up from the last episode of the eighth and final season of the series – in which Vince gets on a plane with his wife-to-be, E seems to have made up with Sloan and she’s wearing his ring on her finger, Drama has a new lease on life, Turtle is a quiet millionaire who’s just happy to be with his friends and Ari is ‘retired’ and out of the game. In the movie, Vince separates from his wife after nine days in – and throws a party for his pals on a yatch in Ibiza. Not only are E and Sloan not together, she’s carrying his baby!

Somebody no dey hia word.

Vince wants to do ‘something new’ with himself – after having a moment with his ex-wife who read a script he wrote and said ‘you’re better than this’. Just then, his ex-agent who is now a studio head (OMG Ari Gold is enough reason to watch this movie!) calls him with an offer – to come lead in his first movie. Vince says he’ll only do the movie if he’s allowed to direct. He’s allowed – and after eight months and still no movie – and with the new director already gone over budget and still needing more money, you know things are about to get ugly.


One thing (among others) the series was quite famous for were the cameos. They spare no expense here – with Piers Morgan, Jessica Alba (watch out for a scene-stealing appearance by Pharell) and a host of others.

The movie is basically just an episode of the series with longer running time. There’s not a whole lot of difference in the characters, not a lot of personal growth and developments – it’s basically still those same guys doing the same stuff they did for eight seasons and ninety-five episodes – try to fit into Hollywood, get laid, become successful in each of their personal endeavors, get laid, party, get laid..

Truth is, Entourage will not and apparently is not going down well with the critics – but someone should tell those guys to stuff it. If the idea – which I think it is – is for you to have fun, forget about the outside world and just laugh with a couple of friends while you watch a couple of other friends do what you love them for, Entourage it is.

It’s unashamedly a movie for fans of the series and the fans love it. Everyone else can go stuff it somewhere.

I saw this movie in an empty cinema hall.

It was just me, a bag of popcorn and rows of unoccupied seats. It was a new experience for me, nobody’s phone lights in my eyes, nobody’s overly-loudly whispered conversations in my ear, no wisecracking nut distracting with his heckling – it was amazing.

And I plan to do it again – by buying all the tickets to a particular coming-soon movie.

Watch this space.

Entourage is showing at Ozone cinemas – E Centre at Yaba for the GPS nuts, Friday – Thursday 25th June before the viewing times change again. Times: 3:45pm, 6:00pm, 8:35pm, And maybe, if you’re lucky, it’ll just be you and your special someone.

And then maybe – just maybe, you’ll get to get into some mischief.

Entourage style.

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