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Love Drops – Excerpts II






Let us not bore you.



Instead – please read the second excerpt from the forth-coming project; Love Drops.











“Mr. Obi – “



He started awake, jerking as though he’d just stopped himself from falling. Wiping his face from sweat and during-sleep perspiration, he looked around – and then finally up at the woman addressing him.



“Yes, Rose?”



She tucked a stray strand of braided hair behind her left ear before answering. “It’s after nine, sir. I thought you would want to go home today.”



He watched her from underneath his brows, trying to see if she was trying to make fun of him. The lower left corner of her lip twitched as though struggling – and then it gave way to a smile.



In spite of his embarrassment, he smiled back.



Carefully untangling himself from the chair, he got up. “Why are you still here?” he asked the watching woman as he shrugged on his blazer. He finished and turned towards her to find her regarding him with a question on her face.



“You’re still here,” was her answer, and he felt as though he’d asked a foolish question.






“That was a good meeting, wasn’t it?” he asked her, some days after as they drove away from one of their clients.



“Yes it was,” she responded, but he could tell she was distracted. He turned towards the window, feeling somewhat disgruntled and not knowing why.



“Kola, drive us to Tobe’s school, please.” She addressed the driver.



“Yes ma,” Kola responded.



He turned from his perusal of Ikoyi streets and faced her. “Tobe’s school? It isn’t time to pick him yet, is it?”



She smiled at him tolerantly, like an aunt indulging her little nephew. “No – but it’s his birthday so he gets off early.”



The shock that appeared on his face couldn’t be affected. “My goodness! It is?”







In case you missed it – download “Parts Of Me” the first single from Love Drops here:



Thank you – March Two Cometh!


Love Drops – First Single!!

Hey there again, true believers!

I have so much to thank you for – but let’s get going here first. Good books, good music, good wine – those are some of the finest things life can afford anyone. I think.

What do you think?

Anyways – from the Love Drops EP Ebook project comes the first single “Parts Of Me” by the artist I’m collaborating with – Psalmurai. Interesting name, right?

Well, as you will come to find, Psalmurai is a brilliant wordsmith and a rap veteran in Nigeria. It’s understandable if you don’t know him yet, just give the single a listen and you’ll see.

Peep the single artwork, read the lyrics from one of the verses – and then download “Parts Of Me” after the jump!

Thank you! And it’s still March Two!

Love Drops Single


You don’t want no parts of me/

That’s what i told the lady/She in love with me/

Passionately/Can’t get enough of me/

But all I think she wants is a small part of me/

That sane part of me/

 Girl I’m crazy when I’m by myself/That’s right/

My state of mind not good for your health/

Yeah you heard me/I know you said you can take it/

But when the blow is felt you cry/And start telling a whole different story/

 And then – love story go turn to long story/

Exaggerate like I threw you of the 3rd storey/

Long and short of the matter I’m saying you don’t me/

i might be a nice guy but baby i no holy



I’m broke/Unpopular

I’m rich and famous

I’m nice and happy

A creep/A sadist

I might be pedestrian

Or cruising a Mercedes

Yes I’m looking for heaven

But I’m living in Hades


Love Drops – Excerpts I

Good morning, awesome people.

As promised, a mere week from today, we will be sharing our latest effort; the dual project ebook/EP titled Love Drops.

To give an idea what we’ll be looking at, please read an excerpt from one of the stories below:


“Why aren’t you married?”

The question shocks her mouth open – and then she closes it and rearranges her face into a frown. She cannot resist a barb; “If I was married, would you be here?”

His self-possessed mask slips and surprise appears as though conjured up. “I didn’t mean…” he shakes his head, dispelling the cloud around it. “I’m sorry.”

She’s instantly contrite. “Don’t mind me.” She holds herself still – and then the words pour forth. “I never really thought any man was worth the trouble.”

He nods slowly, as though approving her response. She watches as he takes another pull at the cigarette – and then the glimmer off one of his fingers inspires a question.

“Why are you married?”

He starts awake. “Ehn?”

She nods in the direction of his ring. “Your ring. That’s a wedding ring, right?”

Her eyes lead his towards the middle finger of his left hand, and he stares at the white gold band as though he hadn’t seen it before. He holds the hand up for a while, staring at the ring, cigarette smoke from his right hand wrapping itself around his face like so many white bandages –

“I can’t exactly call it a wedding ring; seeing I don’t have a wife – “

“What happened to the one that gave you that?” She is curious.


We hope you’re as excited about this as we are!

Have an amazing week!

I Can’t; But I Can

“You’re not in my life yet,” she said, I said true that,

But that other thing you asking for, I can’t do that

You ask how far can I go? I can’t wait to prove that

But still I’d love to take my time; I’m sure you knew that

I heard one time, love beat your heart blue-black

The word on life avenue is – you got too fat

You wanna know what I think – I say screw that!

Is that your past behind in my way? I gotta move that

Whatever baggage you carrying; on entry lose that

You really can’t bring old shit into new land

Put a new song in your heart – and groove to that

Show you – the way forward; and then push back

Sure; I can do that.

Do you want me to do that?

Sure I can do that.

Do I really need to prove that?

Let’s Do That.



Love Drops. March Two. Come March Too.


Love Drops is a collaboration between Block 20 Media and Seun Odukoya. It is a collection of short stories and an Extended Play album by the rapper Psalmurai. Love Drops contains different thoughts and perspectives on this timeless part of humanity – our shared humanity.






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I hope we’ll be there together – we look forward to walking with you.



Thank you so much!!!!

Out Of Time

Good and evil; two sides of a coin, he reflects afterwards. Inseparable.

He sits on the pavement beside the expressway and looks at the passing cars, at the strolling workers hurrying home – to the giggling lovers hugging each other as though they were stuck at the hip. He looks – but doesn’t see.

Instead, his memory is a loop stuck on the last twenty-one minutes. He swears. Threatens. Curses. Pounds the pavement underneath him.

If you had seen him an hour before, you would have though you were looking at a groom who just lost his virginity to his wife and was being teased about it. He was all laughter and blush – swinging the yellow Shoprite bag in his left fist.

He could barely stand still.

As he walked, he hopped from foot to foot like an overeager boxer – dancing, ducking and weaving in anticipation of punches yet to come. He tap-danced, bogeyed, salsa-ed, etighi-ed sef.

All was right with his world.

People moved out of the way for him as he danced from the bus stop towards his house. They looked at him as he waltzed past – and then shared an all-knowing smile. Love; their faces said. E dey shack am like harmattan breeze.

They nodded condescendingly and followed him with their eyes, watching to see which street or house he would dance into. They saw him reach in his pocket for his phone – watched as he put said phone to his ear and dialed – saw the small confused look that appeared on his face – and then watched as he put phone back in his pocket.

And then – they collectively averted their eyes as an okada screeched, looking like it was going to knock him down –

When they looked again he was gone.

No; he didn’t disappear. He had simply swung asides to avoid the bike man – and he had turned to walk into his street.

It had been a close one – but he was okay.

He smiled again as he thought about the one he was dancing home to – the reason he was holding a Shoprite nylon in his fist. He couldn’t wait to feed her the cold Nestle Chocolate Delight; couldn’t wait to see her eyes light up at the sight of the Cadbury’s Fruit and Rum and Hershey’s.

It was his way of apologizing; you see.

Apologizing for the past four months that had been hell on them – most of all on her. He had lost his job, and being a normally expressive person had turned his anger and frustration on the nearest available target.


No; he hadn’t beat her. But he swore at her, yelled, threw tantrums and broke things. He spent hours wandering the streets, walking home dead-tired and unhappy, crawling into bed to get a few hours of sleep and then pushing her away impatiently whenever she tried to initiate intimacy.

His balls seemed to have shrunk – along with his self-esteem.

She had kept her head while he seemed to lose his – kept her head and the house together. Deep down, he was grateful for it – for her, but it kicked against everything he knew for her to take care of the house and him. And in his over-expressiveness, he resented her.

And just when it seemed all was lost – he got a new job. And with that, sanity returned. And with it came shame.

Had he not promised this women for better for worse? How bad had it gotten and he’d started behaving like a rabid dog or something – something inhuman?

Shame made him unable to look at her, the first morning of the new job, sitting at the breakfast table, eating bread and eggs she’d served. He ate without looking at her and hurried out of the house before the tears overwhelmed him. It shamed him to see how unhappiness had aged her – and he knew it was his fault.

At work he called her – and cringed at the deadness in her voice. He hurried off the phone and nearly hurled it at the wall.

What have I done?

He had been working for a week when the idea came to him. He called Jerry to ask for a loan – just ten thousand naira and Jerry; who knew his friend was working again, obliged. He went to Shoprite and bought some things…

He got to his house, amidst the roar of neighborhood gen sets and tried the front door. It was locked.

Unusually at the time of day – but he wasn’t too worried. She was probably running some errands around the neighborhood and would return soon. That would also explain why her phone was switched off.

He let himself in with his keys, and was turning to lock the door when a loud burst of laughter startled him.

It was coming from within the house.

The nylon bag slipped from stunned fingers, and on legs that had suddenly become stilts he walked deeper inside the house towards the laughter. One of the voices he recognized. It was his wife’s. It was the other, however, the voice that had the louder of the laughter, the voice that was even at that moment fading into some indistinct murmuring that was tormenting him.

It was the voice of a man.

His legs stopped being his as he willed them to not move but the ignored him, propelling him forward inspite of his fear and hesitation to see what was waiting ahead. They kept propelling him, moving him towards the sounds that had now become noises of pleasure –

For a second, his scream drowned out even the loudest of the generators.

He stopped long enough to register the panicked and frenetic movements coming from the room he was standing in front of.

And then he took off, running out of the house like it was on fire, heading for the side of the expressway we saw him for the first time.

He sits on the pavement beside the expressway and looks at the passing cars, at the strolling workers hurrying home – to the giggling lovers hugging each other as though they were stuck at the hip. He looks – but doesn’t see.

Instead, his memory is a loop stuck on the last one hour. He swears. Threatens. Curses. Pounds the pavement underneath him.

And then, finally he surrenders to the overwhelming push within his chest and eyes.

He cradles his head on his arm- and cries.

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Love Has Laughs

Another Valentine’s Day, Still me one and the same,

Too many hearts stuck in about-to-be-lovers’ lane

Another Valentine’s Day, still the same me again

No matter what I go thru I’ll never see love as lame

Swum the highest mountains, climbed the deepest lakes

Laid on bitches panting after the most serious of heartbreaks

Soundless whispers; asking how much more can a heart take?

I’m silent, focused on how much I can make my art make

Stupid Cupid set his aside; struck by my poisoned arrow,

Laughing in his casket, joking “I’ll be back tomorrow”.


No sorrow.