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They say Berger used to take black skulls

They lined them up

Used them to build levees

Why do you think it’s called Wall Street?

So they took two thousand more

Who the hell cares?

What two thousand?

They don’t even have healthcare!

Two thousand from a town away from here

Two thousand lives sacrificed to an absentee god

Two thousand destinies extinguished! Oh! My! God!

Is it time to drop the pen and pick up the sword?

Two Thousand.

Gone With The Wind.

Two Thousand.

Lies of a telltale heart

Two Thousand

Damn. Play it again, Sam.

But life goes on, right?

Let me get these campaign posters out of your sight

Put up obituaries, bang on the black boxes

I hope; one day we all will get the picture



2 responses

  1. Our heart bleeds for the Northeast. I grew up in the North, it’s the only hometown I know. It hurts to see what it has become. I remember spending Christmas holidays in Damaturu with my whole family while my dad worked there briefly. That was when I had my first and only boat ride on the fadamas. I remember going out with my brothers and mom to share sweets and biscuits to the local children. I remember the nice old cleaning lady who taught my mom rice pudding which became my favourite.
    I remember Damaturu….then.
    I think of Damaturu…
    God, dear God, please make it stop.

    January 12, 2015 at 8:07 am

  2. Absolutely sad what goes on while we look the other way. Humanity is so lost now that we’re not so bothered by all these killings again.
    God rest the souls of the #Baga2000 and others lost to senseless killings by evil inspired sons of perdition.

    January 12, 2015 at 3:22 pm

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