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Swift Scribbles: It’s Not That Easy


“You know what I think – do you want to know what I think?”


Something told me it would be pointless to answer the question, so I didn’t. She went ahead anyway.


“I think you’re emotionally frigid. I think you’ve been tossed back and forth so many times – I think you’ve done some back and forth yourself – ”


I don’t know. I think I got upset at this point. “All due respect Mina, you’re my boss not my therapist. Can we…?”


I let my words linger but the hand I wave completes the sentence. Her face composes itself into a look of indifference. She nods.


“You’re right. So – as your boss I’m informing you of a meeting you have with a client – one you’re quite familiar with – in about…” she eyes the wall clock. “…twenty two minutes. Get ready.”


I nod and make my way out of my oga’s office, all sorts of thoughts going on in my head. I’m not sure I’m ready to face her…not yet.


Not yet.

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