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Enter The Wolverine

What do you know about me?

Really – what do you know?

Unbreakable claws, unstoppable rage

Most of you think I should be locked in a cage

What do you know?

What do you know of nights drinking blood

Of friends, enemies – blood of my brood

What do you know about living through wars and wars?

What do you know about millions of scars?

What do you know?

My life, your entertainment

You didn’t ask for this

But you need it; you’ll admit

Where would your screens be without me?


I’m that monster you lovingly hate/hatefully love

The one you keep your kids from

The one from your heart you drove

Left all alone in this world to roam

I must not have feelings; you think

Because at trouble you’ve never seen me blink

Killing people I love is like a way of life

Watched them die; from friends to wives…

I mean wife.

I swear I don’t remember

I’ve lost count too many times

Claws scratched too many rhymes; too many lines

Too many eulogies to murdered relationships

Amazing healing factor

Watch wounds close without leaving a scratch

But some wounds never heal – some never close

What to do? Never allow another person get close

But can a man change what he is?

Born of love, for love, to love

Made to kill

I would to will

But a man can’t change what he is

Pennies for my thoughts, pens for my words

Made again in this world, make history of love

And fight on I will

With a pen or keyboard or claws

Or a heart…

A heart.

Too tattered to love

But strong enough to hope


courtesy 20th Century Fox


2 responses

  1. can a man change what he is? deep

    March 8, 2014 at 8:54 pm

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