Of Dreams and Short Films


Don’t ever second-guess yourself. You disrespect God that way.


Last year in December, I released a short story compilation titled ‘For Days and A Night‘, an e-book that received unexpected accolades from several unexpected quarters. I didn’t expect the kind of reception it got – and I was content.


And then a friend of mine said; “you know what? We should shoot a movie off this book o.”


I thought he was crazy. But he sparked something in my head and we chose the very first story in the book. We worked on the script, argued, fought – and the next thing you know; I’m on a ‘set’ watching a story I wrote come alive.


Now don’t get excited o. It’s not some ‘Steven-Spielberg-Universal-Studios-big-budget’ something – it’s not ‘Nollywood’ sef. Imagine a movie set lit by smartphone torch-lights.


Bottom line though:anything is possible. The only limits we have are the ones we create ourselves. A woman told me; “don’t say the sky is the limit. There are footprints on the moon.”



We weren’t professionals, we didn’t have money – but we had passion. And we rallied round an idea. And whether ‘fantastic’ or ‘lame’ we took what we had and did something. That counts for a little, no?


I apologize for the sound and picture quality. We will do better next time.


Without further ado; I present you a short film off the e-book For Days and A Night: Idle Chatter.


My friend, award-winning copywriter and director Ayo Moore did the honors. He tweets here and blogs here. He’s such an amazing guy.


I really am grateful for my friends, the cast, the crew, my team – God really blessed me with some of the greatest guys anywhere in the solar system.


And to you, dear faithful reader. You’re the reason. Thank you.


Big things start small. Go start something. Stop reading now now and GO!


God bless.