Lover…Or Killer?!


He asked you out. You said yes. He looks good. Tall. Charming.


The kind of guy your mother would love to death.


And he can speak. With less than five sentences, he has you drooling already.


And then he invites you to his place. Finally; you think. It’s about that time!


So you drown in perfume and deodorant. Everything – from your earrings to your girdle is new.


You sashay (do ladies still do that these days?) to his crib – and it’s eye candy.


As in, the crib is sweet!


He looks edible. So edible…(okay, I said that before)!


So he asks you what you’d like to eat.


And even though you would have easily said ‘You’, you decide to slow down and whisper ‘whatever you got babe’.


And then he whips THIS out:

IMAGINE! Source: Facebook



What would YOU do?!




Please have an amazing weekend! On God!


See you next week! Woot woot!!




22 thoughts on “Lover…Or Killer?!

  1. I’d probably have a good laugh and ask him if he’s tried it before. If he hasn’t we might as well try it together and find out how it tastes!

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