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Somewhere In Between (A Very Random Story)


He is in a room now, a room with two people in it; two women. One of them, the younger is on her knees in front of the older one who is seated on a sofa. They have their arms around each other, and the one on her knees is sobbing quietly.


Yomi flinches as he recognizes the one kneeling.


There’s sadness, pain and another emotion in his eyes but he stands still and watches. ‘They already know,’ he thinks.


The older woman speaks suddenly, “Hush, hush darling. I’m so happy for you.”


Yomi winces, pain washing all over him. ‘She’s happy I’m dead. Thank God. Why am I here?’


The younger girl lifts a smiling face, bathed with tears. “I’m so happy for me, maami. Finally! God is great!”


Yomi turns away from the view, pain etched all over his features – and does not see both women look at the younger one’s stomach. ‘Have I not suffered enough?’ he asks.


The older woman says, “Have you told Yomi?”


Yomi is surprised. ‘Tell me what?’ he mumbles as he turns back to the women. ‘Tell me she’s happy I’m…”


The younger woman responds; “I’ve been afraid to tell him. He’s become so moody these days – I think it has something to do with a business offer that went bad. He does not talk to me anymore,” she ends unhappily.


The older woman looks at her daughter. “So…he does not talk to you anymore. What did you do about it?”


The girl leans back on her knees. “Maami, what am I supposed to do? It hurt me to watch him work so hard and then…” the tears start streaming down again.



Yomi is speechless.


Maami laughs. “My dear, a woman – a married one for that matter doesn’t just up and leave her man at the first sign of trouble. If he won’t talk to you, talk to him.”


“Tell me what?!” Yomi yells, his voice bouncing off the space we were in strangely – making it sound as though he is under water. The two women look at each other – joy in their carriage.


“But maami, can you believe it? God is good, isn’t he?”


He looks lost – so I speak to his heart. I tell him – even though I understand, what he did was what he thought was best under the circumstances. There’s always another way.


I think he gets it.


He idly looks at his wrists – and then he jerks back awake. He looks around him, not understanding at first. The Phenobarbitone pills lie where he left them, the Actifed bottle stood eerily beside the Schnapps and the air vibrated to the strains of ‘Air On A G-String’ pulsing slowly through the speakers.


The Gillette razor gleamed evilly in the room’s white light.


He looks back at his wrists – and then over his shoulder to the bed expecting to see a bloodstained corpse. There’s nothing there.


The sudden rattle of a key in the lock startles him – but before he can turn back to the table the door opens and Lara walks in looking as fresh as just-left-the-oven bread. He stands up nervously and hits the table with his knee. Quickly he catches it – but also draws her attention towards it.


Her mouth falls open. “Yomi?” She says. There’s an awkward silence.


Looking guilty, Yomi breaks it. “What are you doing here?”


Lara closes the door and walks to her husband till she’s chest to chest with him, dropping her bag on the bed. “What are you doing?” she asks him again, trying to catch his eyes.  He guiltily avoids hers.


“You better not try anything funny o. O je ma try e, so gbo?!” she says, standing on tiptoes and putting her arms around his neck. “I need you so much.” She pauses for effect. “And our baby needs you even more.”


Yomi blinks. “Baby…?” he says slowly, as though trying out the name.


Lara eases off her toes, takes his left hand and places it against her belly. “Baby,” she says emphatically. The smile on Yomi’s face is something to see. “You’re…you’re pregnant?”


Lara smiles teasingly. “And it’s yours,” she says.


Yomi’s face goes blank, and then he responds. “Are you sure? I think it’s the landlord’s.”


Lara smacks his arm playfully. “You this crazy…” she starts to say, but Yomi lips interrupt her and they kiss, cautiously at first, and then eagerly as though trying to make up for lost time. He gently rubs her back and she smiles against his mouth with pleasure. She missed that.


“Chei! I have missed that,” Lara says as their lips come unstuck. She looks at the table then says fearfully, “What were you going to do, baby?”


“Can we not talk about that?” he says, looking down into her trembling eyes. She bites her lip, and nods. “Okay. So what do you want to talk about?” she asks.


“Must we talk?” Yomi says in response, running the back of his hand lightly underneath her left breast. Lara gasps.


“Ashewo!” she says accusing as she jumps into his arms and wraps her legs around his waist. Yomi takes an involuntary step backwards – and then steadies, carrying her weight with a little stress. Lara runs her fingers along his jawline, looking into her favorite face in the world.


“Where did you go, Yomi?”


He did not pretend not to understand what she was asking. “Somewhere…somewhere I shouldn’t have been – somewhere I had no business going.” He kisses his wife softly on the nose.


“But I’m home now…”


“I should have stayed with you. I should have been there more…” He shushes her.


“I should not have left. I…” he stops talking and shakes his head. He’s ashamed.


She kisses him softly. “It’s okay, baby. We’ll be fine.”


I think they will be; too.




7 responses

  1. My Pink Blog!

    A happy ending -thank u
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    June 3, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    • Thank you for coming. Do visit again.

      June 4, 2013 at 7:12 am

  2. 🙂 You think? they are already fine! What on earth would we do without the courage and wisdom of good mothers? The burdens man lays upon himself is sometimes nothing but sheer foolishness…but then again, it’s real to the one who bears it huh? Another great piece Mr Odukoya. I like the way you use words…it feels so natural, as if you eavesdropped and repeated word for word the things you heard,lol i know it sounds silly but I hope you get it.

    June 5, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    • I do get it, ma’am. I do.

      Thank you so much for your encouraging/inspiring words.

      God bless! Do stick around. It gets better!

      June 5, 2013 at 4:33 pm

  3. Charlie

    I hate you for this story Seun…’s so painfully real….I had a bout of deja vu just reading it…you are good man…keep bringing it.

    June 14, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    • Whoa! Art imitates life I guess.

      Thank you, Charlie!

      June 17, 2013 at 5:57 am

  4. Seun….you make a grown man ruin his keyboard every day.

    November 25, 2014 at 7:49 pm

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