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14 Days: The 4th Day



The fourth day came…and basically went.



“So we won the tournament,” Chinedu says to a sleepy ‘her’. She lifts up her head groggily to look at him. “That much I figured out by the amount of fireworks that were going off in my neighborhood,” she answers, standing up and stretching. It seems like I sleep around work a lot these days, she thinks.



“It seems like you sleep around work a lot these days,” Chinedu says as he stands up from behind his desk and walks over to hers. “Are you okay?” he asks.



She smiles, a mischievous lifting of her lips. “I’m fine o. Just a bit of stress lately or something.” She pats her head lightly and looks at Chinedu. “You look excited. Is there something going on?”



Chinedu nods. “I bared my mind to Toke over the weekend. And even though she did not say anything – I feel some sort of relief.”



She smiles at him. “That’s the idea – telling them however you feel. They don’t have to respond the way you think they should – “



The door opens and they both look to see it’s the front-desk girl “Oga has returned,” she says with a slightly affected accent.



Our ‘she’ responds. “Thanks, I’ll be right out.”



She smiles at Chinedu. “I just need to clarify some things with him,” she says, jerking her thumb towards the door. “I’ll be right back.”



She walks towards the boss’ office, moving elegantly, heels clicking gently. She smiles at the front-desk girl who smiles back, thinking about how beautiful a smile our ‘she’ has. She can see him from the corridor, he is settling into his seat after removing his jacket. She rounds the corner to his office and knocks.



“Come in,” he says, having looked up to see who it is.


She walks in. “Boss…” she begins but he cuts her short. “You look nice today – but then you always do,” he says, lowering his glasses to leer at her.



She blushes. “Thank you sir, but I have to talk to you.”



He instantly becomes serious. “What is it?” he asks.



She leaves the door and goes to sit in front of him. “Sir, it’s about Obudu. I…I won’t be able to make it.”



He pauses and looks at her from over his spectacles. “And that is because…?”



“Well…sir, I…” he interrupts her.



“I don’t doubt that you’ve made other plans – and I respect that. But this is work, young lady. I don’t think you should be hard put to make up your mind. Should you?”



She hangs her head, though inside she is seething. “No, sir,” she says in between gritted teeth. “No I shouldn’t.”






He looks at his table and picks up a pen, silently dismissing her.



She walks back to her office, really angry. That old goat..!



She opens the door and walks into the room – just as her phone begins ringing. She grabs it – from beside her system and looks at the screen. It’s not a number she knows.



“Hello?” she says politely.



“Hi!” a warm female voice answers excitedly. “How are you doing?” the voice continues.



She can’t help but answer – she even has a smile on her face. “I’m fine – and you?”



The voice sounds a bit subdued. “I’m fine…or I would be if…” there’s a pause, and then the voice continues, now sounding stronger. “I will call you back shortly – I’m driving and there’s this LASTMA guy eying me. I’ll call you. Bye!”



“That’s okay. Hope you don’t get arrested!”



There is an indistinct ‘I hope so too thanks!’ before the caller hangs up. ‘She’ has a smile on her face before asking herself;  ‘what was that all about?’



I don’t know. Do you?




2 responses

  1. meme

    ver funny, am laughing right now. so i hav to wait till 2moro abii?

    February 11, 2013 at 10:46 am

    • I also had to wait too ma’am! Thank you!

      February 12, 2013 at 3:41 am

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