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14 Days: The 5th Day





The 5th day was…well, judge for yourselves



She is sitting in a tastefully furnished living room, sipping on Chivita Active juice from a tall glass filled with ice cubes. She is smacking her lips, but she has a slight frown on her face.


Toke is seated opposite her wearing nothing but a short blue housecoat. She does not have her glasses on, which makes her look like a big child. Of course, Toke is not as model-beautiful as the girl seated opposite her, but she is a looker in her own right.


“So that’s what happened yesterday o,” Toke says, looking a curious cross between worried and pleased. “He just came over and asked me to be with him for Valentine’s day.”


“And what did you say?” our ‘she’ asks, her brows in a more pronounced frown.



“He did not give me a chance to respond. He brought a shopping bag  – that’s it over there,” Toke says, pointing to a pink bag sitting beside the DVD player. “He did not even come in. He just gave me the bag, said ‘will you please be with me for Val? Just for a day…’ went back into his car and drove off.”



Our ‘she’ stands up and walks over to the bag, glass in one hand. She stoops over and opens the bag to examine its contents. There’s a perfume – a big bottle J.Lo scent, a jewelry set and something silky. She straightens, takes a swallow from the glass and faces Toke.


“So what’s the wahala?” she asks.



“Are you a learner?” Toke says, running her hands through her hair. “He’s married!”



Our ‘she’ looks bored. “Yes he is, to a woman we both know he does not care about. A woman who basically tied him down with a pregnancy. A woman we both know…” Toke interrupts her.


“That still does not make it right,” she says.



Our ‘she’ laughs. “You must be a virgin then, and you’ve never looked at a man with desire in your heart. You must never have craved to have one of those men sucking at your boobs like a newborn babe…”



Toke bursts out in laughter. “Don’t be ridiculous,” she says in between laughing. Our ‘she’ shrugs.


“If its about right and wrong, we all are doomed. Seriously,” she continues after another swallow from the juice glass. “I just feel that things in this world are too temporary. Nothing good lasts. I told someone on Friday,” she pauses, recalling that that ‘someone’ was actually Chinedu. “I told the person that happiness is too fleeting. It may not be there when you’re looking for it – so what you owe yourself is to grab it while it’s there.”


Toke nods silently. “I see what you mean,” she says and stands up to hug her friend. “Do you ever have problems, ehn? I envy you o, the way you always have it together.”



“Me ke? Together ke? No o. I just generally take what comes…” a sudden sharp sound from her phone interrupts her speaking. ‘She’ kisses Toke’s left cheek and walks to her bag. Placing her sweaty glass on the table, she opens her bag and pulls out her iPhone. It’s a text message.


From her boss.


She opens it, and if you were there you would see the mounting fear in her eyes as she reads.


“Is everything okay?” Toke asks from over her shoulder.


“I’m…I’m fine,” ‘she’ says, taking a deep breath and replacing the phone in her bag. She plasters a smile on her face and asks Toke, “Now where were we? Which time Nigeria dey play sef?”


Toke looks closely for signs of…and seeing none, she smiles back at her friend.


But our ‘she’ is worried. Really worried.


You want to know what the text said?


Hi. The annual meeting of stakeholders in the company is from Wednesday to Friday this week, 13th to 15th. And the managers are supposed to bring the branch’s top earner with them; which in this case is you. So pack your bags honey, Obudu calls.


4 responses

  1. Babyadachi


    February 10, 2013 at 7:13 am

  2. Babyadachi

    You know, sometimes I don’t understand what men mean by a woman tied them down with pregnancy. As in, your dick didn’t stand when you f**ked her, or…

    Is it that you didn’t feel anything strong for her, yet went as far as losing control enough not to sheath yourself before the act?

    I don’t just get it!

    February 10, 2013 at 7:17 am

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