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14 Days: The 10th Day



The 10th Day was busy.


Actually she is sitting beside her boss at the head of the conference table in the conference room in the office. She is taking notes and whispering into the boss’ ear, telling him things about the fatter of the two men sitting about two seats away. No offence to anyone – but the man looks somehow like a toad.


A very rich toad – but a toad nonetheless.


In direct contrast her boss looks like Drogba would look standing next to Obasanjo – no disrespect to nobody. He’s not exactly a six-pack packer, but there isn’t a lot of fat on his frame either. He’s tall, a bit over six feet and big. She watches his lips as he talks, noting every word he’s saying. Every now and then her eyes stray down to his hands and she marvels at the infinite mischief he is capable of with those hands. Her eyes happen on the silver wedding band and she feels something – a pang of what might be regret…or maybe something else. She sweeps her long tresses out of her face and pays more attention to what is being said.


The man is here to close a business deal – something about them handling his portfolio of importation businesses. She reflects. It looks like a very promising year; and it undoubtedly is getting better. She says a silent prayer of thanks.


The second man who looks like the head of a typist pool in a local government office is still trying to catch her eye subtly, as he has been trying to since the meeting began. She gives him the same treatment as from the beginning – ignoring him.


“That’s all then. I’m happy about this – I trust you guys to take us to the next level.”


Her boss smiles his million-naira smile. “That’s what we’re here for sir,” he says in his gravelly baritone. He reaches across the table and both men shake hands and smile insincere smiles into each other’s eyes. ‘Rich toad’ makes to stand up – and then pauses.


“Where’s this girl…the girl who originally represented the interests of your business…ehn,” his right hand waves in the air as he tries to remember something. The boss looks at her quizzically and she speaks.


“You’re talking about Toke. She’s not working for us anymore,” she lies blandly. The boss succeeds in keeping his calm exterior, watching as ‘toad’ takes the news indifferently.

“Omo yen, o fine gan,” he says to the man next to him. The boss looks at her strangely as he follows the client out of the conference room and she sits back down to put her notes together properly. She’s confident the boss is coming to ask her what she meant by saying Toke did not work with them anymore. She stretches slowly, working her neck this way and that. Lord knows she can use a firm massage.


“Hello lunch,” her boss says from the doorway. She turns around and looks at him, one finger across her lips. “It’s working hours sir,” she whispers, feeling a slight flutter in her belly as he walks towards her.



“We said…we agreed…not during office hours…” She shakes her head as she backs away slowly, feeling trapped in a Nollywood movie.


“Excuse me sir?” the front-desk girl says from the doorway. “It’s your wife sir. She’s on line two.”


Wives always call on line two.




4 responses

  1. harun oye

    hmm complex,still weaving the story huh? He has a wife! Smh..

    February 5, 2013 at 5:48 am

    • Na so we see am o!!!!

      Thanks for staying!!

      February 5, 2013 at 9:37 am

  2. ibrahim Ganiyu

    Lol! Another good read!

    February 5, 2013 at 9:06 am

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