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14 Days: The 14th Day

I apologise for just posting this. Should have been up earlier – had some issues.

Please forgive. It’s on now. Enjoy!



Day 14 began like this:


She does not want to go to work.


She feels really tired. Her body aches – and then there’s the cold. The same cold that’s had her ducking back under her sheets every time she snapped awake…thanks to the same cold.


It is 6:43am before she finally gets up from the bed. She’s late already – so she might as well make the most of it. She wraps herself up in her bedclothes leaving only her arms and legs free and heads towards the kitchen. There’s power, so she plugs the electric kettle and heads back to the bedroom, smiling to herself at the fact that she can traverse the entire length of her mini-flat in under twenty steps. She gets to her room, kicks something that looks curiously like a scrap of linen; a thong to be exact – kicks it out of the way and starts rummaging between the sheets on the untidy bed.


“Now where did I put that…” she starts to speak, a pout on her full lips. Her voice sounds like you would imagine India Arie to sound during a bad cold – throaty and raspy at once. Her eyes light up as she finds what she’s looking for.


“Ah!” she says out loud, pulling her iPhone 4 from underneath layers of bedclothes. The screen lights up as she pushes the button, showing that she has two missed calls, a message and a reminder – a 9am appointment with Nkechi.


“So mi o tii late,” she muses, looking at the missed calls and message. They are from the same person – Paul. The message is very brief. A short ‘I miss you honey. Happy new month.’


She smiles and sends an even shorter response; ‘I miss u2’ and throws the phone negligently back onto the bed as the kettle starts a loud whistling. She throws off her bedclothes, takes off the oversized t-shirt that has been her nightgown since her final year in the university and stands for a moment in her birthday suit. She runs appreciative hands up and down her flanks, eying her body in the full length mirror placed against the far wall.


She is a very, very beautiful girl.


She shivers and comes awake. She grabs a large and thick towel and runs to the kitchen, giggling mischievously. She emerges from the kitchen, carrying the kettle gingerly and disappears into the door beside the kitchen – the bathroom. She smirks, silently insulting the genius who thought it was a cool idea to put the bathroom/toilet right beside the kitchen. She empties the kettle’s contents into a pink bucket, opens the tap – and shrieks as she remembers something.


She darts out of the bathroom, still carrying the kettle and runs into her room. She starts looking for something on her bed again, dropping the kettle distractedly. She eyes the car keys on the bedside table – and then pointedly ignores it. She finally finds what she’s looking for – her phone, and makes a call.


“Hello, Jaiye? Kaaro o. Pele. Come and pick me up – now.” She listens for a few minutes and hangs up. And then the sound of spilling water alerts her to her bathroom and she runs in there again. There’s a drawn out moment of silent – and then a shriek.


The water is cold.


4 responses

  1. afronuts

    And….another one like Drama. You and chick Lit. Who’s influencing you these days? Abi na popular demand? This is defnitley not the end of this one..

    February 2, 2013 at 3:59 am

    • Yeah. It still goes on.

      There’s a particular slant on the stories I’m choosing to tell around now – and it just happens to be chick Lit.

      No. Definitely not.

      How you doing?

      February 2, 2013 at 9:20 am

  2. not the end abi?

    February 2, 2013 at 4:53 am

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