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For The Holidays


I honestly had an idea when I opened this page.

There was something super-uber important I wanted to tell you guys. But for the life of me – I cannot remember.

But what the hell – it is about you guys, right? So I cannot leave without leaving you something…no matter how I feel about it.

I want to thank all of you for being with me through it all. I know for a fact that I have been somewhat inconsistent and therefore somewhat frustrating and annoying – and somewhat somewhat. I just want to thank you for putting up with it all in spite of my many failings.

No matter how I feel about my craft, if there’s no one to reiterate that feeling or compliment it – I’m like a dude winking at a girl in the dark. Na only me go sabi say I dey do something.

I just want to let you know I appreciate your presence. Every time you clicked on a link you saw somewhere, every time you retweeted something I tweeted, every time you shared something I wrote – every time you told someone about   me and my craft, you give me one more reason to continue. Every time you bother to leave a comment – every time you tweeted something at me asking me questions about something I wrote…every time I got an email or message talking to me; sharing how a story had made you feel/how inspired you are…

I feel truly alive.

This is for you, dear reader. This is to you and yours. This is a card, a text, a mail, a memo, a reminder, a wave, a hug, a kiss, a handshake – whatever memoir makes the moments – the days special for you. This is just so you know; in case you get swallowed up in the daily stress of living and forget – you matter a great deal.

Forget what life seems to want to insist that you learn. You matter.

Because by doing one or all of those things mentioned above, you help someone fuel his dreams.You’re subtly saying, we’re waiting for you, the world is waiting for you. Hurry up and deliver.

Thank you for your confidence. God willing, I won’t let you down. Not now. Not ever. I’m grateful.

In case you did not know – I released my first book EVER; ‘For Days and A Night’ on here too this year – last week to be precise. The feedback and love and everything has been overwhelming. If you missed that, you can still get it here

I want to hear how YOU feel about it.

As we wrap up the year, I need you to promise me something. It is not a command – it’s more of a request. I need you to promise me that before 2013 you will do something; no matter how small it may seem…you will do something towards that dream you’ve been nursing since forever. No matter how small it may be, do something towards it before the end of the year. Start from where you are. Do it – and then share with me how you felt doing it. Do it – and do not overreach yourself. Don’t start making grandiose plans for 2013…same plans you laid at the beginning of 2012. Do something different for once. Go from talking to doing. And then see how it feels.

Annoying? Maybe. True? Most definitely.

Annoying? Maybe. True? Most definitely.

My dreams keep me awake late at night. What do yours do for you?


Oh yeah. Do forgive me.

Merry Christmas.

Christ is STILL the reason for the season.



You guys are AMAZING. Thank you.


2 responses

  1. Well said Seun! It’s indeed been a pleasure reading you this year and I trust it’d be a greater pleasure next year and in times to come. Thanks for the words of encouragement about going all out to make that dream I’ve been nursing become a reality in these last few days of this year. I’m definitely all for that! Cheers bruv! Seasons greetings!

    December 26, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    • Thank you Gbenge. I appreciate all the support! Thank you! Happy New One!

      December 29, 2012 at 6:22 am

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