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So there we were; me and her, me seated on the sofa, her seated beside me, head on my chest.

She was asleep.

There were many thoughts running through my head at that point, but I keep avoiding the obvious ones. You know, the ones that involved thinking how soft yet firm her breasts were…mashed against my chest, the ones about the sheen of her hair in the candlelight; the ones about how close her lips were…and how they glinted pinkly…

I swallowed loudly and bent my mind to other things.

I remembered Wale and a smile curved my lips. When I’d met her, I had no idea she was with him. I mean; it was at the Club of Wit – and they had been sitting so far apart…

And she had not even told me she had a man. And that’s all I ask.

Obviously, she was bored with him.

I remembered again; the frantic and frenetic warnings of the pastor – though I wonder what a pastor would be doing in a club…even though this club was different from most. I smile wryly as I remember a phrase the pastor had used; “he who finds something and wants to die over it; how about the person who lost it?”

I definitely did not feel as though I had ‘found’ her; I feel it was more a case of us finding each other. I mean, like I said I had no idea she was with anyone – and when I asked the lady herself she had given me a non-committal answer. What was a man to do?

I was not trying to gloat – but it seemed to me the other guy had cut himself out of the running. He definitely hadn’t tried that hard to fight for her. I always thought and still think that if a man decided to take a woman for granted, he deserves to loose her.

I’m not trying to justify anything. It just is what it is.

She stirred gently, moaning indistinctly and then going back to sleep. I was tempted to run my fingers through her tresses – but I liked having her there and I didn’t want to give her an excuse to leave. I looked down and felt my chest clench tightly at the small smile that was playing around her lips. It was definitely a far cry from the haunted look I had seen the first time I saw her, only a few days ago…

A few days ago. Things were moving so fast.

A small wind blew and the candle spluttered and almost went out. I imagine you must thinking ‘romantic’, but the candle had nothing to do with romance. PHCN had done their usual thing, and I had told her not to bother with the generator.

I looked around the sitting room, silently complimenting her taste. Her house was…I was interrupted as she moved suddenly, raising her head. I looked down, intending to say something…anything; to keep her there, but our lips touched accidentally, and then stuck intentionally.

We kissed.


3 responses

  1. Amy Nkanang


    February 13, 2012 at 8:51 am

  2. Owner of the heart

    *clears throat* y stop when the gist got interesting? nice write up………

    February 13, 2012 at 10:05 am

    • tHANK you so much. Well…there has to be something to bring you back na, abi?!

      February 13, 2012 at 10:45 am

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